Instagram’s leeway to advertisers to create posts with a user account

Instagram is allowing advertisers the leeway to make funded posts from general users to account through an update released for branded content ads. The branded content ad was introduced before this year as a medium for influential people to recognize when a company or brand fund their posts. Creating the branded ads required much harmonization among influencers  … Read more

Best Free Keyword Research tool for marketers

Search Engine Optimization is that field of digital marketing, which is directly affected by the keywords, a marketing expert pick to rank his site for. Keywords are the expected terms relevant to which a user might search any business or any service. Finding the appropriate keywords is not an easy task. Without appropriate keywords, your  … Read more

Core Web Vitals becoming ranking signals in 2021

Google confirms the fact that Core Web Vitals will be important ranking signals for the search results on a search engine in May 2021. Google says Core Web Vitals will be the ranking signals in the upcoming May 2021 in an update that will also blend existing UX-related signals. Google has said, “We’re announcing that  … Read more

How to rank your videos on YouTube?

Whenever you think or hear about search engine optimization, your thoughts start revolving around Google. It is obvious as it is a leading Search Engine used by the major population of the world but don’t mislead yourself by thinking it as the only search engine. There are other search engines available like Baidu, Bing, Yahoo,  … Read more