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Best Free Keyword Research tool for marketers

Search Engine Optimization is that field of digital marketing, which is directly affected by the keywords, a marketing expert pick to rank his site for. Keywords are the expected terms relevant to which a user might search any business or any service. Finding the appropriate keywords is not an easy task. Without appropriate keywords, your target audience could not reach you. If you are new to SEO, then it is important for you to understand what the keyword is.

Keyword research tools

What do you understand with keywords?

Keywords symbolize the words of phrases any user enters into a search engine when they want to look for something online.  For e.g. “Italian restaurant near me”, “Best clubs in my city”, can be the example of the keyword.

Why do you need a keyword strategy?

Let’s understand with an example like you want to buy a hairdryer but you are confused about which one you should pick. Now you will probably check the online search results to find the top-rated and mostly bought dryer. You might search using terms like “best hair dryers”. If you are doing so you are not the only one who is going there to know the feedback from other fellow customers.

When your website, products, or services rank high in the search engines, your customers will be able to find you easily. When you pick keywords that serve your rankings, you will be able to get higher conversions. So a keyword strategy is important to improve your business’s market reach.

Selecting keywords for your site

  • Review the web pages – Before anything else, you have to check the condition of your web pages. You have to perform an audit of your site. When you are reviewing your web pages, list down all the pages into a sheet identify the loopholes and then start assigning relevant keywords to the critical page like about or contact.
  • Select a keyword research tool – Now once you have checked your site, pick a suitable keyword research tool that will provide you a big list of the best and relevant keywords.
  • Research your keywords – Think of some keywords that can be relevant to your webpage, product, or service. Then enter those keywords to the tool, the region relevant to which you want to serve, and the favorable language of the region.
  • Check the metrics – Once the keyword tool has generated results, analyze the metrics it provided like search volume, SEO difficulty, and paid difficulty scores from 0-100.
  • Select your keywords – When you know everything, you can pick a suitable keyword. You must not be looking to go with the keywords having high search volume, low SEO difficulty, low paid difficulty, and low competition. Don’t use strategies that force people to come to your site even if they are not interested, else this will lead to a higher bounce rate which is bad for any site.

Free keyword research tools

  1. Google Trends – This tool is quite helpful as a keyword researcher, as it helps you analyze the wrong keywords.
  2. Keyword Generator – Keyword generator is an efficient keyword research tool that can generate over 150 keyword suggestions for any entered keyword. It just not give keyword ideas for Google but it also helps you find keyword ideas for other search engines including Amazon, YouTube, and Bing.
  3. Keyworddit – Keyworddit is an exceptional tool that serves you keyword ideas taking Reddit as a source. The tool is amazing, to begin with even if you know nothing or little about the niche of your business.
  4. Google – Google is the most powerful keyword research tool available. The auto-complete feature can generate an infinite number of keyword ideas for any business.
  5. Google Search Console – This tool will show the performance status of any website for organic search and show you details of the keywords, you are already ranking for. To see ideas for new keywords, sort the received CTR report from low to high and you will surely find some keywords for which you are ranking but haven’t ever targeted. You can go to target these keywords.

Thus, it reflects you can find lots of worthy keywords even with the free tools but it might take a lot of your time. Whereas paid keyword research tool works on a huge amount of database which makes it easy for you to find efficient and low competition keyword. if you want to run an SEO campaign with appropriate and high revenue generating keywords, you can reach us for our SEO services.

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