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Online Complaint Removal

Online Complaint Removal


Online reputation is pivotal to the success of any business. The reputation is one of the necessary things, which in genuine fact, matter the most for the company organizations. We all are attentive to the fact that once the reputation of a person or a company is tarred it takes terrific hard work to get better. If you are also worried about these negative reviews and posts that have been posted on your business sites then your business is at risk and you are at the right place with us. At SEO India Company, we offer a complete range of Remove Complaints from Google to defend your brand image and control your customer and client’s view about your business and service get in touch with us today.

What are negative complaints?


When a customer decides to buy something whether it is car, house, loan, or any gadget they visits the internet to search for what is best for them. Even though they land on the search engines with the objective to purchase, but they surely check for the suggestions and check reviews and feedback along with enough information about those particular products or services. Seeing your business in the search results can help them to either buy from you or ignore you, whatever their decision is, it will depend on the online presence of your business. However, the thing is, these reviews can either be positive or can be negative which can probably make or break down reputation of any product or service. It is in the hand of consumer and depends on their experience with your product or service that leads to giving good feedback or to post any complaint regarding that product or service. Thus, a consumer feedback or a review plays an important role to handle any company, brand or business reputation in market.

Online Complaint Removal
Online Complaint Removal

If the consumer didn’t feel good from the service or brand, or if they feel cheated after using it, they might place any complaint regarding that on complaint boards like consumercomplaintboard.in, jagograhakjago.co.in, and many other popular sites. In the current scenario, where we are living in a digitalized world where competition is becoming more tougher, therefore it has become quite essential to remove online comments within time without any lag as soon as you get to know. However, if there are hideous competitors who are insecure with your achievements or your success might publish some negative or noxious complaints over the review directories and complaint boards.

Well, it can be very painful and heartbreaking when your loyal customer loses their trust on you when you put so much of time, money and efforts in establishing the business. Have you ever imagined, or have you ever been in such kind of situation?

Reputation is very important aspect for any company or business. It’s a symbol that helps you stand in market if the company’s reputation is good enough to bring new customers. Same goes with the online business where things are transparent showing clearly, so it’s quiet necessary to keep up a high and positive aspect in the eyes and mind of clients. Reputation of online business can be infected easily. You will keep worrying about the negative comments and how to remove negative comments from Google.

Why Remove Complaint From a Review Site?

Establishing a business and making it grow is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of time, pure dedication and unmatchable effort. Putting your heart and soul into your business is the only way to grow your business. You must be providing the best level service and products in your industry, you might be ensuring that all of your employees and customers are happy and satisfied; you keep innovating and implementing new ways and many other things just to maintain or increase the speed of your business. However, there is one thing, which can act as a roadblock in your fast growing business and that is called as reputation.

Hire US To Remove Negative Complaints


Building a good reputation is a long-term process. Good reputation is not built in a day and that’s why many businesses exert a lot of efforts into maintaining their reputation. In this world of technological encroachment, where internet has become the most reliable source of information, where customers have various instruments like blogs, complaint websites, reviews pages, posts, etc to give their review or complaint about the product and services of a business, a single online complaint can destroy the long built reputation of a business in just few hours. In this case, you need to hire us to remove online Complaint. We remove complaint from Google and other reviews sites like Yelp, business listing on Google and many others.

Nevertheless, we here at SEO India Company, have the perfect solution for such negative complaints. We handle such complaints through our proven Reputation Management System, which is practiced by our expert and skilled professionals. Our SEO experts can easily remove complaints from various major sources in a very short period of time, which will result in a better search result. Although, removing complaints is just the first step of the reputation management system but still it requires skilled and expertise knowledge, which our professionals have.

A leading Reputation Management company

Our team of experts is there who work round the clock to help our clients remove negative content from Google and other platforms as well. Along with that, the strategies that our team utilizes for maintaining companies’ reputation are highly profitable as they have a good record of accomplishment for rewarding with the positive search engine ranking. Along with being very much experienced in online reputation management, they also provide the top class IT services including website designing, website maintenance, website redesigning, E-commerce app development, Search Engine Optimization, online promotion and many more.

Efficient SEO Company, India

We are one of the best SEO companies in India, known for providing Search Engine Optimization services. We serve our patrons with fruitful strategic results in terms of their Search Engine Optimization rankings. We have acquired a great range of technical expertise along with the web designing and app development services. Our main aim is to make our clients feel comfortable and trustworthy while working with us, which helps to provide them a marketing of another level allowing them to gain success in their business.

Our Services for Complaint Removal

We offer the best and enduring service for the removal of negative review and feedback. With the help of our link removal services and suppression of negative search results, we have been able to easily remove complaints like negative comments, negative reviews on video all this will remove permanently. To remove these activities we try to push the links beyond third page of the Google search and keep up the brand online reputation since most of the people never bother to look beyond the second page of Google.

Manage reputation via Permanent Removal

In this digitalized world, where internet is a part of everyone’s life by fulfilling their requirements. Internet brings a lot of thing and keeps busy people like social media that become everyone’s necessity. Well it is essential for every company to have presence on social media, especially if you are facing the issue of negative comments, complaints, reviews, bad reputation of company are such things that make any company reputation down. To resolve all these problems we are here to help you in removing the negative information long lastingly. We make sure you that we will offer best service with 100% guarantee as we have immense success rate in removing negative reviews, comments from any online platforms. basically the time period to remove negative complaints, reviews is one week but the proper timing as well as the cost, it all depends on link to link, so it’s very necessary to hire a reputation management team who look after and work to managing online platform for company and business reputation.

Online Complaint Removal
Online Complaint Removal

Reputation Management via SEO (Push Down or Suppression) -

The suppression activity is used when there is no possibility to remove any negative link or review so for that we suggest to use these services. What exactly happen in this activity is we force the negative link from the very first page of allowed keywords. Now here we work on SEO activities like on page SEO and off page SEO, as we urge the positive link to curb the negative link away. The work that we do in SEO is link building, video promotion, blogs promotion, creation of micro website, and press release they do work for particular keywords as well as for company name. Infect we use the white hat SEO activities too for permanent results and to look all over the online reputation of brand.

What we do?

We are completely indulged in ORM services that we provide to our customers and we are popularly devoted for providing complaint removal services. We are very honest toward our work, as we know how serious and important these online negative reviews are. Some business owners and brands who has faced such problems even after applying their efforts, time and money making their reputation good in the eye of viewer, knows how it feels when gets vanished in just a minute by negative reviews. Hence if you’re one of them, who must be looking to know how to remove the negative complaints from internet. Therefore, we are here to help you with SEO India services along with our skilled experts you can easily come out from negative complaints. We are truly helping you to resolve your issue, and you needs to know that creating a positive reputation is a long process but a single negative review can destroy your hard built reputation. SEO India Company is an online reputation management and it works to transform the negative opinion of viewers into positive one.


Recognize the posts that appear to have a negative effect on people affected with those posts.


Take a step against the negative ones and delivered the correct positive and negative reviews.


Make plan of action to bring out all the issues that happen.


Find the solution for the issues and contact directly to the customers


Removal of negative reviews and complaints with an adequate SEO strategy


Long term removal of complaints with the ORM services and strategies

Complaints Board Removal Service

As internet bring lot of good thing but along with that, it brings some negative aspects as well that open up the place for scammers to reduce company reputation. This consumer board is actually a consumer complaint website, hence consumer use this, for complaint of any brand or company to open it publicly even they can fall down any company reputation by simply post something on internet with their verified email address. Therefore, we bring some professional assistance from RBS to flee lowering brand image with the help of experts of Reputation Management.

Assured consumer complaints removal

Basically the complaint boards grant so many suggestions to people about different thing, more than that it show the fraud, unfair business practices and phishing simultaneous the national complaint boards has turn into online platform for character killing, petty allegation and detraction which not only affected the business but also the owner reputation.

As we are online reputation management business, we look forward to complaints board removal too. We are working from a long period and we know how to handle with fake complaints on complaints lodging sites. From removal of negative complaint to push down negative complaint in SERPs, we have attained all with our professional complaintsboard.com and precise knowledge of removing complaints, so that we can help business at risk.

complaints removal

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide Experts for SEO Consulting Services?

1What is complaints board removal?

The people who purchases your products, services, or they are your potential buyer are expect to share their experience with your business as a company. Your brand is displayed on social media and review sites, hence the review can be positive or negative that can either take your business on top-level or break your online brand reputation.

2 Why is there need to hire a professional?

Well, the online platform is the first and last impression of your brand and mostly buyers look for positive reviews to buy online product or services before indulge in business. Therefore, any negative review or comment can spoil your brand image. In such case it is very important to respond over it as it help to run your business smoothly and if don’t then do prepare to get negative fame.

3 Do you remove consumer complaints permanently?

We provide the permanent negative complaints removal as well as SEO reputation management service to let down negative reviews. 70% of cases are strongly positive with the SEO, so the permanent complaint removal is approximately possible in this situation.

4Do you protect the business to save from future complaints?

Yes, we protect the business, by providing complaint removal as well as online reputation management for blocking future complaints from online websites though we have the captivating advance rate for the same. In addition, it depends on complaint board where your complaints are posted.

5 How much complaint board removal services charge?

We define the charges to remove online complaints after checking your complaints. Fees depends on several factors such as make use of internet marketing for removal, either we offer legal aids for complaint removal. It even depends on the nature of complaints website or portal, location and admin apart from that we didn’t charge any extra fees. We make sure to pay only the exact amount and nothing more than that like any other charges or taxes.

6 How much time does it take to remove negative reviews from consumer complaints board?

The least time to remove consumer complaints from complaints boards it only takes a minimum of 3-4 months. Well such complaints will take time to remove sometimes; therefore, you need to be enough patient. However, that also depends on the nature of complaint and the duration from which it is in existence.

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