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Remove Negative Reviews from Glassdoor?

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The positive reviews on the career-oriented website like Glassdoor.com are one of the best ways to grab some people to connect to your company. It is one of the sites where potential employees notice that any company is a great place to work. The online platform offers an ease to draw and retain top talents. While on the other side, it can be difficult to acquire new employees when your website have negative reviews on Glassdoor and it impacts getting new customers. After all, nobody likes to go to that place where the reputation handling of employees is poor. Glassdoor is known to be “highly reliable” in the search engines, which means it is reasonable to be on the top of search results when you Google your company’s name.

But some negative Glassdoor reviews are genuine and give valuable ideas for change, dissatisfied employees or heinous competitors will endeavor to companies with fake and defamatory information. This happens basically due to the indistinctive nature of Glassdoor platform. Anyone can share a review to the site without confirming, which means they might visit the site to check a record. Glassdoor have a review process in place to stop fake bad reviews before they get it online. Though the process is away from infallible, some fake reviews get chance to come into notice. If you see yourself having negative, fake, or defamatory reviews on Glassdoor, the SEO India team can help you to remove it completely from the place.

What Is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is the leading and well-known employment and career information website in the world. Glassdoor owns ten million reviews and penetrations nearly for 700,000 companies across 190 countries. And there are more than 60 million people who visit Glassdoor every month.With the increase in millions of job listings, Glassdoor has millions of reviews for millions of businesses, information, interview questions, advantages details, office photos, and many more. It even enjoys special authority with Google and other search engines, constantly ranking on or near Page 1 for company searches. It is one of the most visited job-related websites in the world and having negative reviews on Glassdoor means a severe influence on a company’s reputation.

Why is Glassdoor Reviews Necessary?

Glassdoor takes the advantage of a high level of authority with Google as well as other search engines, consistently ranking on or near Page 1 for searches for a company or brand. As per Glassdoor’s dominance in online search, it is one of the most visited job-related websites in the world and negative reviews on Glassdoor have a serious impression on a company’s reputation. According to a research:

  • 86% of candidates expected to do review research about the company and their ratings before applying for a job
  • 65% of Glassdoor users check at least 5 reviews before making an opinion of a company.

If you are eager about how you can get the best candidates for your company, then you must have a positive online reputation.

Glassdoor Review Removal

Presently Online reviews reach beyond the products and services – they have officially drained into the workplace. Glassdoor has grown to be the acknowledged platform for employee reviews, along with 57 million users browsing and posting to the site where 70% of job seekers view Glassdoor reviews while searching and applying for a purpose. Right to its name, it’s viewed as a simple platform enabling applicants to see what current and former employees have to say about the company and the CEO. What happens when any dissatisfied ex-employee or a current employee posts fake or slanderous reviews of your business? The actual influence of bad Glassdoor reviews misleading your workplace is only just starting to become clear to businesses that have been targeted.


You’re good as much as good people you hire

Negative Glassdoor reviews have a harmful consequence on your company’s reputation. Surely, you have a choice to leave it online – if you’re ready to take the repercussions. It's more common for candidates to set down to employment offers because of the reviews they get to see posted on Glassdoor. The recruitment and onboarding process is highly time-consuming also expensive for businesses but with bad reviews on Glassdoor such processes can get much more costly and harmful. Do you know what the dangerous scene of a bad Glassdoor rating is? You may never identify the real outcome of its result. Tones of expertise could be bent away by a negative Glassdoor review before they even reach your business – and this concern has become the most damaging reality for many companies.


Influence of Negative Reviews

According to the survey, 76% of professionals research for a company online before considering a job opportunity. A survey says that 83 percent of job seekers are seen to make their judgment about where to apply based on company reviews, and 46 percent will check a company’s reputation right before taking a job offer. If your online presence gives an overview of negative feedback, competitors immediately take advantage of the offer. Even if you are in the preferences of your employees, or clients, the impression of negative feedback on potential employees could be damaging. You would definitely not want to be seen as small and protective, hence if you prefer not to reply, it can also have severe damaging results.

Be Proactive

Companies not only have to be ready to address damaging posts but even proactive in stopping them from happening in the first place. Some steps are to be taken:


Set up alarms that inform you when your company is stated in a post or on social media.


Ask employees to tell HR if they become informed of any employee posts that could have a negative impression on the company.


If you get a negative post and can recognize the employee, call them and ask that they label their interests by private channels instead of online. Politely ask that they bring it down and don’t debate about the benefits of the post.


For current employees, it is easier to achieve. If they are not, please to their knowledge of truth Let them know that these comments are changing their former colleagues, and ask to remove the post.


If it doesn’t work, ask a colleague that the company makes another request. Degrading the “man” is one thing, knowing that you’re negatively influencing friends is another.


For individual offensive comments or ones that have gone viral, think to publish a statement. Don't label the conditions of the individual’s employment, but do approach and oppose the obstacles put by the post.


If you still find it difficult to get rid of negative Glassdoor reviews, you can take help from company who knows how to ace it.

How to delete reviews from Glassdoor?

A lot of time, several users on Glassdoor post bad reviews for their competitors or even rivalries’ business. Let’s understand the solutions to your question “How to delete glassdoor review”. Glassdoor is a prominent part of your recruitment process and an online brand that proactively creating a wide base of positive reviews is an absolute strategy. A higher sample size produces more detailed insight into the company and guarantees that all individual reviews have a tiny substantial effect on the aggregate company rating. The most suitable advice and most graceful strategy to remove negative Glassdoor reviews is to increase positive reviews from happy employees. Other social media choices can be used to more develop effective employment branding. A fixed foundation is a great strategy, but in some situations, it may be required to physically remove negative Glassdoor reviews.

Glassdoor is a well-known element of your recruitment process and an online brand that proactively creates a wide base of positive reviews is an absolute strategy. As it breaks the company’s terms to offer incentives for reviews, businesses are urged to request reviews from employees. A higher sample size produces more detailed insight into the company and guarantees that all individual reviews have a substantial effect on the aggregate company ratings. The most helpful suggestion and most effortless strategy to remove negative Glassdoor reviews are to increase positive reviews from happy employees. Other social media choices can be used to more develop effective employment branding. A fixed foundation is a great strategy, but in some situations, it may be required to physically remove negative Glassdoor reviews.

Support Employees to set a Free Glassdoor Account

The main reason why employees do not get reviews on Glassdoor is that they don’t know how to do. It’s very easy to do and takes a few seconds. But, being a part of the exercise, you can also get some time to give them the other functions offered with the platform. As they currently own a job, it’s an excellent idea to tell them that you care about their career.

How to Make Greater Glassdoor Reviews?

In case if Glassdoor does not allow you to remove the bad review as they might not consider it as false then you must make a plan for how to manage bad Glassdoor reviews presently and in the future. Initially, think about whether you’re going to answer or not.

Analyze the application and the negative comments they make in their review.

Trust is everything in business world whether you are talking about customers or employees. You cannot win new clients o talented staff if you fail at building trust of your employees first. Your customers will only come to you if they feel you have professional staff working for you.

Your Customers believe Online Reviews

Online reviews are of utmost importance. According to a recent survey, it was established that more than 84% of online consumers prefer a company offering the desired services with good reviews as good as a friend’s advice or word-of-mouth. This means when candidates find a defaming review of your business, there’s a high chance they’ll give more preferences to a competitor.

In most cases, customers take even less than ten seconds to make their buying decision. Negative Google reviews can directly affect your sales and can spoil your brand and its reputation permanently. Over 63% of customers say they will assure to control Google reviews before attending a business online and most candidates say they lose faith in a company if they find a rating lower than four-star.While the Google reviews usually have much greater impact on consumers than other review sites, those who offer industry-specific emphasis. This gives importance to how to remove negative Google reviews—or, at very least, how to lessen any warnings they sit to your bottom line. In addition to get possible customers, not understanding how to remove bad Glassdoor reviews can demolish the belief that you have with your customers, damaging your knowledge to encourage customer support and industry officials.

How ORM assist in rebuilding a positive online web presence for your brand?

Your online presence matters to hold a conversation between your brand and with your customers. Handling negative comments by a powerful ORM strategy can help increase that cooperation by:
  • Rebuilding your brand’s honesty by removing negative reviews from the first page of Google search results.
  • Promoting positive relationships with planned customers with accomplished content that creates a positive first response.
  • Replacing your company’s image to show a place where adequate candidates aspire to work.
  • Growing an online reputation is important since it provides your company an opportunity to improve its bottom line—individually by offering a digital record that is honest and convenient.

Frequently asked questions

1How to manage the negative Glassdoor reviews in first place?

Having a bad review constantly hurts but is often justified. Leading the company is a big job and mismanagement or office breaches can harm. Not all the negative reviews develop from the people who give analysis to management and try to improve the environment for others. Some reviews are left by unsatisfied or unhappy employees to break the company’s reputation and ruin co-workers they hate. But Glassdoor presents all the reviews they get sincerely and truthfully. Normally, the platform like Glassdoor reacts or gives a full explanation if they can deliver or deny the request.

2 When to Notify a Negative Glassdoor Review?

Once the review has been removed the person who addresses it will be notified. There are many possibilities to get rid of negative reviews and you can address those reviews without breaking the rules and difficult for you to request again. Maybe a retired employee will get another job or you’ll get a calm resolution with the current employee.

3 What’s the Success Rate for a Severe or False Review Removal?

All the negative review is difficult and there is nothing like the success rate when you report it. So if the bad review violates the Community Guidelines it will be taken it down with 100% reality. If it’s not transparent, then review breaks the laws, relying upon how you report it and the issue to the moderators. Be open and explain all the details, to make a great point on why the review should be brought down.

4Can I Remove My Company’s Profile from the Glassdoor?

No, Glassdoor never help you remove the profiles and offers, to leave a review about the business environment and systems. However, you can report it to the Glassdoor platform so you can get it down from the top.

5Can I check the reviews for my business?

Glassdoor enables advertising services that can show and promote your company’s profile and job postings. However, some additional channels, even the paid sponsors can’t make the request to ask to remove or hide a negative review. The user-contributed content is given the same priority like all business profiles.

6 Glassdoor Denied My Request to Remove the False Reviews. What comes next?

Not all negative reviews can be brought down, even when you have a good reason for the same. Hence, rely upon the person who reviews the ticket. We recommend you to wait for few months and then try again, you’ll have a more flexible solution.

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