Reputation Management

Every individual/company requires a positive reputation to become successful in their vocations. With competition at its peak, the rivals often try their level best to bring down or rather tarnish the image that was painstakingly built. We at SEO India Company understands this in detail and hence our team works hard to highlight the positive results of our clients. We not only censor the negative complaints using the right methods formulated by our experts here but also turn it into benefits. Our team asks the sites to take down the negative reviews, respond to the complaints and through tried and tested methods, we garner a positive response from them too, thereby increasing sales/profit. Our online methods to tackle every dismissive comment makes us the #1 company delivering topnotch results and create a bond that lasts forever with our clients.

We value the feedback but resent hyped complaints and work hard to remove it, our experts formulate smart methods. We believe in the words of Christopher Reeve “Success is finding satisfaction in giving little more than you take”

What do we do?

Removing links from the popular search engine like Google:–


The first step in Online Reputation Management (ORM) is monitoring references to the person, brands or business, primarily through social media monitoring and carefully crafted search queries. We monitor blogs, forums, social networks (Twitter), and image- and video-sharing sites.

What to monitor?

Where to Monitor?

We know and understand how difficult it is to build up a reputation and create success from it. We employ the best tactics to minimize the effects of negativity and help in enhancing the goodwill of every company/individual within the shortest span of time.