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Like most services people while choosing law services also search online to get complete information about legal services. If you are a lawyer and you own a website then it’s vital for you to optimize the website so that people get aware of services. Having an online website is not enough these days, you need to optimize it. At some point, people use some keywords to search you online. You need to make certain that the pages of your firm’s website are crawling properly and indexed by search engines. Essentially, in case your website is not passing all these main guidelines then you need SEO for Lawyers services. The experts know how to fix problems with your pages. These main SEO fixes involve improving your website on-page search engine ranking factors.

Our activities include -

Provides complete site architecture and internal linking structure

Fresh contents for your website

Blog creation

Social profiles optimization

HTML Meta tags and descriptions and headings

XML sitemap and robots.txt file

Check mobile-friendly and page load speed

Fortunately, with SEO India Company you will get a team of expert lawyer search engine optimization experts who completely understand the importance of technical SEO. We have a team of Law Firm SEO Experts who know how to work on your website and deliver you quality results in search engine.

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Best SEO Company for Law Firms in India

SEO is all about acquiring organic traffic from top search engines to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERP). Therefore, when your website is optimized for the search engines, it will be visible on higher ranks in the results each time when someone searches with the terms relevant to your law firm.SEO for lawyers defines the search engine optimisation tactics executed to websites for lawyers, attorneys, or for the law firms. By using SEO services for your legal firm business, you can surpass your competitor websites organically in Google and enhance inbound leads directly coming from your website.

We offer our wide experience in the legal SEO industry, with high experience in optimizing websites for law firms at the local, national, and international levels. We'll invest our experience and skills to work for our clients and combine our knowledge of what works best with the current trends according to the latest search engine algorithms.

We know what it takes to achieve success in the competitive law industry since most of the law firms we have experience working with target the local level and enjoy advantages coming with the Local SEO strategies.

We'll keep an eye on the website behavior and important metrics and your business KPI’s to evaluate the success of your attorney SEO campaign. We'll emphasize on enhancing the rankings for target keyword, organic traffic, leads, and eventually more conversions as new clients for your law agency.

As you know Google pays a lot of significance to local search deeds – purely because of the reality that searches go an extended way in determining user choice at the finish of the day. We offer a variety of SEO Services for Lawyers and understand your concern. Whether your main target is to make leads or appointments right away, our company will assist you to change those leads or appointments into customers. SEO India Company is leading Law Firm SEO Company in Delhi. Our SEO experts focus on your needs and thus your website accordingly so that you get the desired results. We also specialize in working with various law firms and are attentive to the exclusive challenges and thoughts involved with advertising practice. We understand your concern and specific marketing needs, so deliver you services that suit your budget.

Advantages of Law Firm SEO

It’s widely known that SEO turns out to be a viable source for generating new traffic and driving customers to your website. We’ve experience of working with several independent attorneys and law firms in our decade long history as an industry specific SEO agency. While we emphasize on creating a customized approach for your business, we’ll use our experience and adroitness to develop a data-oriented strategy. Our initial step towards any successful SEO campaign is to identify the geographic region that you want your website to rank for. Once we’ve prepared this, we’ll assess the competitive nature of target market, perform audit on your existing website, and share with you a detailed SEO proposal defining what it will take to reach there. Most of the top law firms we’ve worked with in the past focus most at the local level utilizing Local SEO services, but we also have experience for working with the larger, nationally-known law firms. If you wish to compete nationally, it surely consumes more resources but is absolutely in our cockpit.

  • You’ll be the one enjoying their skills of the SEO team. SEO experts know SEO very well and understand that it is complex, time-taking, and ever-updating process. It takes a lot of efforts and dedication to learn and maintain the level of expertise that you require to take your firm to the next level. But SEO specialists and Lawyer SEO agencies have spent their time into hankering their skills and providing quality SEO services for lawyers.
  • It will help you save a lot of time as being a lawyer; you’re quite busy with other aspects of managing your firm to run smoothly. By assigning your SEO to the expert hands, you free up yourself to concentrate on working other areas of your legal firm.
  • You can be sure that your expert is using best practices only. SEO experts know how to help you make sure your website go by all of Google’s SEO ethical practices. Therefore, you can avoid any penalty by search engines, which otherwise can happen if your website do not follow SEO best practices.

Some strategies for Attorney SEO


On-page SEO

Your law website should be in suitable structure to communicate efficiently with the search engines. Similarly, you’ll require keyword-rich content web pages to rank on top positions for a variety of relevant search phrases.


Responsive web design

An SEO-friendly website for the law firm must be optimized for mobile devices both for the visitors as well as for the search engines that consider mobile-readiness an important element.


Local SEO

There are so many customers that prefer hiring a lawyer from their area, therefore local SEO acts as a vital process for such lawyers and law firms for reaching prospects in their area right when they want your help.


Link-building strategies

Only 25 percent of SEO is concerned about the activities performed for on-site optimization and this small share has major importance for every site, the rest relates to strategies defined to draw more links from quality sites. Reputation and credibility of any site is judged on the basis of quality and quantity of sites coming to yours.


Content Writing

Your content helps to convey the right search intent. SEO friendly content expert can help you to focus on a set of keywords relevant to your speciality and your geographical location.


Technical SEO

Effective technical SEO process can seem to be complex and requires to ensure that your website adheres to the Google’s guidelines, is mobile-friendly, and completely easy to navigate. This is why it’s always a good decision to turn to SEO experts.

Customized SEO Services for your Law Firm

Search engine optimization shows how you help your website rank high organically in top search engine results. As we know, consumers today have become more advanced and aware and they always research online to look for reliable offline services, just like legal help, SEO can help you make a real difference in growing your firm and career. With successful SEO, you can ensure they find you every time when they require the trustworthy legal services you are providing.

You will get to work with a specialized team at SEO India that is highly focused to develop an SEO strategy particularly for lawyers and law firms. We create our strategy by analyzing where you are today in the local search results page. We discover SEO opportunities and a committed team of SEO experts who manage SEO campaigns professionally to help you get noticed online and convert your audience into paying clients.

Our law SEO experts will monitor your business, online reviews, and trace how your business rank among the competitors to optimize your rankings. With our local SEO, your law firm will gain strength in search engine rankings, draw traffic to your website, and nurture lead generation.

SEO Services For Your Law Firm

Improving SEO of your website is to ensure your store is in the best shape, so when clients visit your business, they know they will run business errands with you. We will manage every aspect of website SEO right from the technical to the creative one. Our SEO experts will take care of everything beginning from internal link structure, SEO-friendly coding to engaging content to give your website the efficient SEO boost it needs. Your expert SEO team will work with you to analyze growth to fulfill keyword ranking and lead generation objectives, therefore you’re always aware on how your investment will perform. We want to be on the top of search engine by following the guidelines stated by search engine algorithm trends and conform website strategy to perform well on Google. Website SEO for lawyers is important for high rank in search engine result pages and brings visitors who have faith on your law firm that fits for the legal requirements.

Keyword Research

We get to know about the capabilities of your law firm and target audience. We research and evaluate the way your audience searches for the services similar to yours and where your website stands among the others.

Know your Law Firm Website

Our team will break down your website components to check everything like if it is mobile friendly. Our team will look at every aspect of web page and find possibilities to improve every page of your most valuable asset i.e. your law firm website.

Awareness for Your Website

SEO is a term that means more than just a set of keywords and your website. We’ll identify how much authority your website holds on the internet. You can build authority by building links from high-quality websites, social media, blogging, and many more.

Monitor and Report ROI

Your passionate SEO team will help you to be in the loop and will share monthly progress reports about Google ranking updates, traffic, and lead generation. This report will show our efforts we have made to help your business grow again with the law firm SEO.

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