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Push Down Negative Search Results

Push Down Negative Search Results


Well all of us love positive comments and reviews, but the question here arises how to push down negative search results from Google and business listing websites. Perhaps one of your customers has written an inequitable review of your organization. Alternatively, maybe it was one of your business rivals trying to harm your brand’s search outline. This position discusses possible plans for people who have unenthusiastic or unattractive content on the top page of Google results. To get quality results at an inappropriate time you can also read our advanced online reputation management conduct for more in-depth tips and tricks on how to remove negative search results from Google.

What is a Negative Search Result?

Why Google search results are critical?

A reputation crisis is often initiated with a bad review, negative comment, blog post, or any editorial concentrating on an entity or business. These negative pieces of writing are associated with your name that can be located with a quick search on Google.

Search engines like Google aim at helping users answer any query over internet search results that best complement the keywords you utilize. Have you ever thought of a situation when a new client, co-worker, or employer enters your name or business name into Google? If they find shocking results, their credibility over you will diminish significantly in a fraction of seconds.

Push Down Negative Search Results
Push Down Negative Search Results

How to obtain more organic search results?

Once you have the new content sources that are enough to help you suppress negative search results, you need to ensure it is easily available online. There is no sense in creating beautiful websites with great functionality, creative blogs, and social media profiles if no one can find them online. This is the place where SEO comes into use. SEO in reputation management can help you serve your business enough online presence to make it visible to as many audiences as possible. Else, there will be no use in doing so much work to suppress the negative ones down. When you employ the SEO strategies in managing your business reputation, you are ensuring to gain enough organic audience and traffic that it makes the positive ones appear on top.

Push Down Google Search Result Today

Save Your Brand from Negative Comment

The world that we are living in is one that is really astonishing as well as magnificent. It is, in reality, a place worth living in. Then there are a lot of people and organizations that have this notion that they have been wrong and that they must do something about it. The only thing that really makes the matter worse is that the age that we are living in is the one that is characterized by technology.

The one thing that is really worth mentioning is that technology has produced a gem of an innovation called the internet that is a lot more strong and universal than the other two mediums of communication called print media and electronic media. This medium is very expensive and powerful. A single word on this medium can spread like wildfire. Moreover, the presence of websites like the Rip-off Report, complaints board, consumer complaints; Yelp, etc has really made the matters worse for businesses and organizations. These reports allow for the negative posts, comments, complaints, & reviews to be published on them irrespective of the fact that who is publishing them.

Push Down Negative Search Results
Push Down Negative Search Results

No need to Bury Negative Search Results always you can remove them too

It is not necessary that you are always focusing on the suppression of negative search results. There are other practices too that can help you to get rid of negative comments. You have to first identify the source of the negative content. Was it social contact or a bigwig who has good terms with you who might have posted the content? Try accessing out to them, as you would do with a friend. You have to be polite in your tone and explain. If the publisher isn’t concerned about their brand or has different precincts than yours, it’s might be as they’re unaware of how negatively that can affect your reputation. The information that Google never remove include: date of birth, telephone numbers, addresses.

If you find that the content, falls under a category, which Google would allow you to remove, then initiate the removal process right away.

Hire Us to Push Down Negative Search Result from Google

Push Down Negative Search Result

SEO India Help You to Remove Negative Search Result

Ever in the forefront of the latest technology, our team at SEO India Company offers the clients a long-lasting impression with our dedicated services, technical know-how and strategies ensured to gain positive results. With negative results for business houses/individuals ending in unfathomable consequences adversely, one has to select the best team to remove it effectively and reverse the effects. We know the right tactics!

Contact Best Negative Review Management Company

We help minimize the impact of negative criticism through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and the like and build up the top-notch reputation through it. By not referring to the negativities and negative comments posted elsewhere, and by encouraging the positive reviews, the positive results gain momentum. Our experts have the proper knowledge of the best methods and have always proven their mettle in every field. Our satisfied clients vouch for our performance and their contentment is the most rewarding factor for us!

Push Down Negative Search Result

Why choose us to Remove Negative Links?

The excellent way to remove negative search results is to push down negative search results content. At SEO India Company you will get in touch with a team of experts who use various tactics that necessarily lead to long-term solutions, we advise allocating your time to constantly creating high-class content that is as search engine welcoming, while engaging various social media sites where you construct and attach with significant communities.

How to Push Down Negative Search Results on Google

If you choose to bury the negative search results on Google, you might occasionally be competent to bring the search result down directly. It won’t be feasible in every case, though it’s a stage forward when repairing your online reputation and is the only way to know how to push down negative search results.

Remember, that there can be negative repercussions of the removal requests, so you have to ask a number of questions from yourself like, who published the content. Are the negative results appearing from any status update, social media post, or blog post, etc. posted by you somehow? Did the negative result appear to be from an account you have access or control over? If you can control the content, without any delay, delete it immediately.

You don’t have to suppress the search results if you are able to control them. Exterminate anything related to the content. While there are chances yet that the content shows up anywhere else, like cache searches or screenshots, the initial step can be removing as much negative content as possible.

How can I push down a Google review?

Some people are highly concerned when they see bad reviews on search results hurting their personal reputation. To remove such type of content from Google you basically have two options -

If you find the review to be fake, deceptive, illegal, or another sort of challenging content, you can do one thing, report the review to Google by flagging it.

Another option can be gaining more positive reviews to push down the negative reviews. This helps in building the online reputation by acquiring reliability for your brand while performing some action to bury negative search results.

What we do to get rid of negative search results?

Bury Negative Comments

when negative comments coming from so many venomous sources, then it’s probably impossible to remove. Rather than burying them to lower down their effect on your brand or personal image, we have our team of SEO experts and social media that work to push down negative search results to the lower pages of Google (beyond the second page of Google) and from other engines. Hence, we utilize the standard Search Engine Optimization practices that allow us to bury negative comments and put positive ones in that place.

Improve online reputation

We take the appropriate initiatives to run a marketing campaign that not only increases your online visibility but builds a positive brand image too. Our expert reputation managers include activities like creating profiles and pages for other social media platforms along with daily updates for businesses to broadcast positive reviews over different reliable review platforms on the internet. Although this might not help in the marketing of your product or services but can create a spark in the mind of your potential customers and helps in managing clean search result pages.

Do not take negative search result for granted


Whenever, someone Google about your business, you or your company, links that show you in negative reputation, will keep you away from the reach of your potential customers. The negative perspective can be a reason harming your capability to bring in new clients. It can cause harm to a frequency that you cannot even imagine. It’s high time that you must start looking for ways that say, how to remove negative information from the internet.

  • Negative content can adversely influence the way, how others see your business.
  • Negative reviews have the potential to drag your professionals, partners, or clients away from you.
  • It can demolish your online business reputation leaving you unable to deliver quality.
  • Negative reputation can shame the credibility and quality of your products and services.
  • Dishonor you from both perspectives; individual and business.

How to Remove Negative Google Search Results?

You may be facing situations, where you have to deal with negative search results. On the other hand, you can see a well-known public profile always tend to appear on higher ranks over the popular websites. In that case, if you fail to get rid of negative search results, it will highlight your brand name as the negative reputation that people will never want to look for.

Moreover, you may also put extra effects to settle these profiles in case if there is a positive reflection of you as well as your interests. Practices of selecting appropriate grammar, correct spelling, and right punctuation help you ensure that whatever post you have published is something that makes you happy when everyone including your friends, clients, partners, or employers will see that positive content about your name, brand name, or business. Anything that you post on your major profiles should be a reflection of your great and most professional self, make sure you are as active on these profiles as it is possible to be. There are some social media websites, where you can simply build a high-ranking public profile like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Quora.


Buy your domain name –

Buying a domain is always a perfect idea to handle your negative search results, whatever profile you happen to be in. Now here you can showcase your work portfolio, with positive reviews, maintain a blog, and deliver an overall image of professionalism and great quality of work. Adding some advantages to a website along with a domain name that carries your full name means another potentially high-ranking search listing, the one you can customize completely as you wish to. This is one of the common practices one can follow to remove negative Google results. With this, you can gain good control over your online reputation.


Comment on articles/blog posts

The best possible way to upgrade your name out there in the positive method is to use your full name as a commentator on different platforms like blogs, social media, and news websites. This way you can define the search results to help bury negative content about you


Promising users

Well, it’s becoming very essential to make sure that all your comments are probably the best feasible reflection of your personality. So ensure whatever you write, you write it politely, and not too controversial, as you might be incompetent to remove negative Google search results, thus you don’t need to be something that makes you feel regret in the coming five years.


Social Media profiles

Social Media has become a powerful influencing tool in today’s time especially when we talk about creating a strong viewpoint among the users about a brand, business, or person. You can use social media as a support system to create a positive reputation for yourself.

How do we remove negative articles from Google?

You won’t be able to request Google to remove negative Google search results, remove bad reviews or negative articles just because you don’t like them or they are not in your favor. However, they will allow you to remove information if it raises a menace of individuality theft, monetary risk, or other specific tribulations. What we do in this context is -

  • Recognize that your problem is one way and how to push down the search results on Google
  • Check out the problem and its cause
  • Determine if you have received any negative content that you removed from the internet
  • Detect all negative keywords and Search negative search results on at least five pages.
  • Attach with webmaster by various channels.
  • Appeal to them to remove the negative page/content from their site
remove negative articles

Companies offer the services of the Best SEO Consultants who can help in achieving their online marketing goals while they remain focused on other business rules. SEO India Company is a specialist in SEO consultancy service which is based in Delhi, India that grants a full gamut of SEO consultancy service and other digital marketing services to support businesses and gain top rankings in Google. At SEO India Company, our main purpose is to help websites be a leading marketing asset to the company and generate qualified SEO traffic, also increase ROI for the business.

Some additional work to create a positive content firewall

Step 1: Develop and manage public profiles

Some websites regularly come up higher in the Google search result. With online reputation management in India, you can easily create a profile with your name and information about you, to restrain the negative search results.

Step 2: Share opinion in news, forums, and social media sites

We even register you on news websites and make comments on articles, even though such types of posts never tend to rank higher as compared to those listed for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We make sure that the posts are good, grammatically correct, spell-checked, well-reasoned content.

Step 3: Remove negative keywords

By adding some specific keywords that sustain negative and unwanted results, we bother to bring up the term, which ensures the removal of search results from Google.


1How do you push down negative search results?

To push down negative search results for your brand in Google, all you need to do is strategic steps:

  • Build more content if you want to be seen.
  • Controlled social media profiles
  • Use negative keywords for your benefits
  • Continuity to be on top of your online reputation
2How do I remove negative news from Google?

Well, there are no such options to remove negative information from the internet by connecting with Google. Keep in mind that SEO (search engine optimization) didn’t create any online content rather slow down and combine the content from other online forms, mostly the web pages.

3 Why should I be worried about negative online content?

The percentage of all the online experience is near about 90% from a search engine query. The content in Google, Bing, and other search engines which are negative and derogatory has a huge impact on how consumers notice a brand or an individual. Apart from this, over 45% of customers that in the U.S have altered their mindset, for running a business with a company just because of negative search results.

4What should I do if Google will not remove content?

You can try reaching out the Google for seeking the removal request. However, if you failed to do so, you can contact a leading reputation management company like SEO India to help you out to remove negative search results or push down negative search results on Google.

5 What kind of content can be deleted from Google search results?

The violation policy of Google is, child sexual abuse images, some financial information, Images of signatures, secret and personal medical records, content that breaks the law, and copyright breaching laws.

6 How do I remove yelp reviews and others?

Yelp reviews can be removed easily if are in terms of services like the violations that are done by the person who has officially posted the review. Yelp reviews can be stated to their facilitators; hence, Yelp won't generally involve in a real dispute.

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