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Consumer Complaints Removal from Internet

Consumer Complaints Removal from Internet

Consumer Complaints Removal from Internet

Today in the age of the internet every one of us first considers checking online reviews about product and company then decide whether they should go for that very product or service or not. Therefore, it is highly crucial to have positive reviews online. But there is no shortcut or trick to get genuine positive reviews online.

You are required to work hard and proffer outstanding quality products and services to gather positive reviews. If you think even after doing a lot from your side, you are not getting what you deserve. You can consult any online reputation management or ORM services in India that will help you earn some positive reviews online and enable you to make an enduring impact on the customers. When your business reputation is online, you have to be proactive in response.

A successful business reputation is the effect of the growth of high-quality websites, social media, well-written content that people find useful, search engine optimization along with earned links, and many more. Online Reputation management comprises monitoring the reputation of a person, a business, or a brand on the internet, not considering which is potentially damaging. A major aspect of reputation management involves suppressing negative search results while emphasizing the positive ones. For a business, reputation management involves an effort to fill in the gap between the perception of how a company sees itself and how others consider it.

What is Complaints Board?

Consumer complaints board is a privately owned consumer complaints platform that serves as a forum for cheated or unsatisfied consumers to share their objections publicly. At consumer complaint boards like consumercomplaints.co, complaintboard.com, consumercomplaints.in, scam.com, outscam.com, uscomplaints.com, consumer-court.in, dirtyscam.com, complaints247.com, the community of users manages most of the site’s maintenance and engagement. Users log on to the platforms to create their complaints and to get to know about the experiences of others who filed. Everyone can share a report about you with or without proof. The comments on Complaints Board will probably show up in search results. Customer reviews and complaints are matters a lot and should be addressed as soon as possible.

What it takes is an annoyed employee, an insecure business competitor, any customer who doesn’t like your services or products can post a complaint on ComplaintsBoard.com to smudge your reputation and reduce your revenue. This is why having a consumer complaint removal Complaints Board by your side is crucial.

How to Remove Complaints Board Comments From Google Search Results?

Respond directly and publicly

It allows the accused person or company to address directly to the accuser, and the applicant has the permit to mark the issue as “resolved” and make clear the efforts are taken by any business to amend the situation. If the complaint is genuine, make an apology for their bad experience and justify how you can prevent that from occurring in the future. If you believe that this is a devious complaint that’s unnecessary damage on you, the Complaints Board removal approach you follow should differ. While you are dealing with someone who is vicious or trying to damage your online reputation, don’t engage with them. Once you’ve addressed and shared an apology along with the curative action plan avoid reacting provocatively and concentrate on other expressions of your branding strategy.

Submit a takedown request

Another thing you can try is submitting a request to Google and other search engines for the takedown. But before you submit, ensure to read the guidelines by Google on the type of content they de-index. The chances of removal of a complaint or de-indexing are slight unless the content reveals exceedingly vulnerable information publicly like social security numbers, bank account numbers, or sexually overt content that someone did not assent to filming or publishing

Hire an expert

If you think the above-mentioned methods are not at all help you to remove consumer complaints from Google, you can hire an ORM agency that has enough experience and expertise in either removal or suppression of consumer complaints. They can help you highlight the positive aspects of your business, brand, or self in the Google search results and these complaint boards. The best part of getting reputation repair services is that they are affordable.

Remove Negative Complaints from consumercomplaints.in

Today in this digital world, there is a lot of fake information and negative complaints that transmit rapidly day by day through complaint boards. The issue with these is that there is no control on users posting and getting removed. Anyone who wants from anywhere can share negative information. These complaints boards are where users post about companies that have done cheating, fraud, or scam to them. Consumercomplaints.in is a wide-known Indian complaint board where people are allowed to publish listings and review their experiences with companies, businesses, and services they have taken.

Being a famous platform, it has gained huge traffic. A business whether they are the local ones or successful ones, everyone can be reported if a consumer has met with any kind of dissatisfaction. SEO India is preferably a name to join hands with if you find yourself defamed on consumercomplaints.com and other platforms to remove complaints as soon as possible.

Why online reputation management services?

Customer view about any company, brand, or service is heavily inclined to what is being said about that online. If they encounter any rumor or any single hatred blog or comment about you, this can be molded as the biggest increase of major negative campaign. This may turn out into a heavy loss for the business. Therefore, it is essential to embrace ORM with SEO Services in India to answer the negative publicity.

Negative reviews, scam accusations, obnoxious testimonials, and other negative content can boost your brand in a shortcoming of losing important customers with each passing at a faster pace. Your brand reputation can degrade due to the tender molest at any time; negative comments on social sites can spoil your image and both short-term and long-term profits. The reliable reputation that is built throughout efforts can be easily smudged in few hours with a single negative comment.

Hide Online Complaints with Search Engine Suppression

When you find neither removal nor deindexing to be helpful, you can consider the complaint suppression (or burying) in search engine results. Burying consumer complaints is done with a process called Reverse SEO. With Reverse SEO, we can help you rank other content above the negative complaints. Ultimately, the process help will push down negative consumer complaints to a page far beyond page 3 on search engine results pages (SERPs). This is because people hardly ever go beyond page 2 of the search engine, suppressing negative complaints is an operative way to hide consumer complaints and avoid the negative remarks from being encountered by potential customers searching for you online.

Why Hire SEO India?

The reputation of any business, brand, person, or company is the most important asset anyone can ever have. It matters a lot. Any negative consumer complaint can only lead to a negative impact. Thus, we at SEO India are helping businesses remove consumer complaints from complaint boards like “consumercomplaints.in”, and “complaints247.com”. Our team of proficient experts performs numerous studies in-depth about clients and their needs. Consequently, we take obligatory measures to remove negative comments and help them in strengthened brand creation. SEO India is helping brands get rid of consumer complaints from complaint boards.


1. We are having many years of experience in the industry


2. We have a team well-versed in all techniques of complaint removal


Each member of our team dispersed at our offices is very responsive


We are quite friendly in behavior


We have experience since we regularly deal with clients from diverse business sectors


We have been delivering the necessary services without on time

How to remove consumer complaints?

We work attentively until we provide satisfaction to our customers with the services we offer. We effectively work to resolve all the negative comments published for any business on any website on search engines and the adverse effects they have experienced until now. We then gradually but vigilantly make our efforts to alter those into positive circumstances.


We begin with screening the posts appearing negative and the people they are affecting the most.


The next step follows up the separation of the fake ones and expressing gratitude to authentic ones.


This then requires creating a roadmap to list out the issues


Responding and strategizing to transform the negatives into positives for your brand

Our General Strategy for Consumer Complaints Removal


Our creative content writing team put their efforts into creating effective and convincing content about your business and then we submit it to different productive platforms to develop a strong online presence of your business that can sustain above the negative one.


With our effective activities, we work so your visitors can be converted to your potential customers. We comprehensively evaluate your site and create a boosting strategy conversion rate optimization to amplify your business.


The team of experts put best of their knowledge and skills and create regular reports after monitoring the overall campaign and processes to help your business expand with the explicit marketing process.


As we have prepared reports and analysis is done, we know the shortcomings of the process. Therefore we apply the best suitable methods to improve your business reputation and help enhance productivity.

Does Google allow consumer complaints removal?

Google has uncompromising policies when it about removing consumer complaints from the internet. It is focused on ease out the field for all. It’s more knotty than one can ever visualize. Google does not allow you to remove negative review or comments except the complaints and reviews are offensive and they are not informing of the truth. If you have apposite evidence for that, you will surely be impressed with the exclusivity provided with the experience. It is worth spending time as well as efforts contacting Google if this truly happens. If not, look for another way of removal or suppression.

Our Consumer Complaints Removal Process

Instigate interaction, Contact Users

We precisely instigate interaction with the authors of the published negative information on consumer complaint board appearing in Google search results. If the folks, competitor, or company, who have written the negative content, gets identified, we appeal them to share their corporation and remove negative contents from the complaints board or sites. We can try to trace the accountable person who has written negative information by breaking down his IP proxy chain and the technological barriers coming in the way. Once we trace the person, we will initiate a conversation with him concerning content removal. They can moreover remove the content by them or allow us the credentials to remove the content. Some of those may not agree to remove but some are there who agree easily. Some websites even have a chat option where we can communicate via text messages and another way simply can be to contact the users through admin.

However, it is sometimes successful still it's tough to track the infringer sometimes who has shared those negative reviews online against your name. If the task is done with any unnamed ID that can't be traced and if the author is with an IT background who has attempted to denigrate your reputation, the tracking is impossible then too.

Contact Websites/ Forums

Always remember that reviews online can either make or break your reputation. The reason for this is that customers expect to receive the best and flawless service with minor hitches, that's the reason they prefer to read the online review and comments shared by the previous customers.

Other than the official website, there are other review and complaints sites too where customers can share their experience with any brand, company, service, or product. If these reviews are positive it's great and if there turns out to be negative then it's a big problem. There is no such thing as an identity verification process on such sites, thus it becomes tough to trace the person. Here, we can only contact those sites and forums. The admins of these sites have control over the website contents. One can initiate a negative content removal request, and it's up to them to accept or reject the request.

SEO and social media strategies

Our team is highly experienced to remove negative comments from Google, remove consumer complaints from Google, or suppress negative searches. They work resolutely focusing on their motto to help our clients with their requirements and offer them what they need and expect.

Our experts make use of the best practices prepared by utilizing Search Engine Optimisation and related strategies. They invest their measures into upholding your brand online reputation by suppressing negative search results while ensuring a good SERP ranking. We even ensure to use social media strategies to keep your brand on top and have a positive image in the market.

Monitoring and Reporting

The team will share frequent updates of the work they will do to remove consumer complaints. Once we are assured that the removal of complaints is done, appropriate reporting is shared with the clients, while ensuring the client is aware of what we do, which means we are transparent in our approach. We keep monitoring the search results to check if the negative results are permanently gone or coming again.

Frequently asked questions

1How to remove complaints from complaint boards?

There are several methods available that are available to use to remove complaints from consumer complaint boards and then remove negative complaints from the internet, starting from contacting the admin, using de-indexing, and then work on the suppression of negative results.

2 How online complaints removal can help me grow?

Our negative removal experts will determine your online imprints earlier to initiating the process of removal. A proper online reputation can propose you picture-perfect development. We can help you remove obnoxious complaints to speed up your growth.

3 Why should I trust your removal service?

SEO India is a legitimate Online Reputation Management company in India. Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with numerous worldwide clients with top-notch services to remove complaints permanently. It might be a suitable reason for trusting our services.

4 How much you charge to remove a complaint from the internet?

Consumer complaints removal service is never a cheap service. The price may deviate depending upon the complexity of the project. You can discuss with our team to learn more about our complaint removal service packages.

5 How to Remove Consumer Complaints?

A negative review is a problematic situation for every online business. They can be handled with care at a fast pace, and surely need to be handled well. The best way is to take help from experts like us. SEO India is a well-known organization, which has a pool of proficient experts who know tricks to tackle such a situation well.

6 What is the benefit of removing complaints?

It takes several years to create a brand, and only a few seconds are enough to lose your reputation by complaints and negative reviews. Therefore, it is very imperative to remove online complaints and boost positive reviews to push down negative reviews. It is a proven method to improve search engine rankings and improve brand visibility but is well known for the appropriate reasons.

7When will I see results?

It takes constant efforts to remove complaints, and the work continues, as we need to preserve your rankings. You will start experiencing more interesting potential clients after a month or so, and by retaining your reputation unfailingly, you can make sure that your brand keeps rising.

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