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Difference Between Print Design and Web Design

Well due to various print design and web design are the two sides of a coin. Both print design and web design are influential tools to impact the spectators to reach an end through careers, media, texts, audience etc. In case you are planning to cross over into web design, or print design, it good for you to know the inbuilt differences that exist in both mediums.

The basic difference:

Print Design is all about the information and letting you choose information and objects to increase the chances of understanding page elements.

Web Design is a quick experience based on the user’s movement’s i.e. clicking and scrolling interaction with user movement.

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Before moving further about the actual differences in print design and web design, it is important to know what type of work you may find yourself doing in each field.

Print designer- work on:

  • Various product designs and on packaging part
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Logos
  • Business cards

Web design India -work on:

  •  Flash websites
  • Standard HTML websites
  • Responsive designs
  • Customer-friendly approach
  • Email newsletters
  • Banner advertising
  • Brochures

Print design was the beginning of design, or we can say it was the origin of design that allowed artists and designers to communicate visually. Although the print design was the first step for a company and web design is the next bigger step evolving in the world of designing.


Both print and web design require an apparent and effectual layout.

Print Design:

  • In print, design space is normally measured in inches.
  • In this, you can deal with a business card to a highway billboard.
  • There are safety areas in print design to offer results.

Web Design:

In this space is measured in pixels.

  • You have to design in the best way possible so that your site looks best on all size resolutions.
  • You will get a consistent design, with consistent navigation on your site to keep people consistent.


As their name already describes them, both are a part of designing one with the print media and other with the web designs in pixels.

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