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Google Ads rolling out auto-applied recommendations

Google Ads rolling out auto-applied recommendations

Probably, the Auto-applied recommendations by Google somehow save time for most of people but it is probably not always a good idea to spend your ad money.

Google announced that they officially launch auto-applied Google Ads recommendations. However, the company is “running out of the option to use recommendations automatically.” This feature is made for you to pick from 17 recommendations and apply automatically within the Google Ads setting.

 Google Ads auto-apply recommendations. Now, Google enables advertisers to opt-in to apply a specific subset of recommendations automatically to your account. Well, Google announced that this can enhance your account performance and save time,” though many agencies will apparently recommend that their clients don’t opt-in because some of the recommendations actually don’t enhance account performance. Google also announced that auto-applying recommendations will not improve your resources, “so keep proceed review and Recommendations page to secure your budget as isn’t limiting your performance.”

Must see, while your budgets shouldn’t change with this feature, where your bids and bid plans can change.

How it looks like?

You can opt-in by click Auto-apply on the top right-hand corner of the Recommendations page to start auto-application of recommendations. Also, you can learn more about these settings here.


 Google started testing in January 2019. In November 2020, this test found some advertisers off guard. It seems like Google used some of the feedback into play and create some modifications in the program.

Microsoft launched a similar feature for auto-applied ad recommendations in Microsoft Advertising.

Why we consider?

If you run Google Ads campaigns, you need to be sure to understand if you or someone else in your organization chosen to opt-in to this program. And if you did, ready to face the changes being auto-applied and remain on top of a history check. It makes sense to add in your audit practices to verify the setting for new and existing clients regularly.

Auto-applied recommendations keep save people time but it might not constantly be the chicest way to spend your ad money. So simply be on top and make sure the recommendations that being used do have a convincing impression on your ROI and campaign goals.

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