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Want to know more about latest Google content featured updates

Google is again ready for its next move and this time with 3 new search updates that will surely make your searching experience more interesting and knowledgeable. Last month, there was a certain change in the number of featured snippets and knowledge panels being shown in Google’s search pages.  However last month for a short period in early November 2017, the integer of featured snippets gradually went down, while the number of knowledge panels went up. This change was seen as a shift by Google to examine and regulate their search metrics accordingly to adjust for the latest update, which is something that they do on a standard basis.

To move head Google was ready with its 3 major updates this month, however, Google once again reorganized their Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels. These updates help make bigger the two to accommodate more content; this is somehow beneficial for the users which helps give users more unswerving information. Here are some additional details that you need to know. The major 3 search updates by Google have around featured snippets, knowledge panel information and suggestions for linked topics.

According to latest details, a selection of featured snippets will now consist of more images and connected search suggestions within the box displaying the featured snippet content.This update is also increasing the information displayed in the Knowledge Panel to incorporate connected content.

More Characters for Featured Snippets

One of the main outstanding features of the update is that the character count has augmented for featured snippets.  This change is surely a good step for SEO webmasters as they can now modify their description Meta tags. The utmost character count is now at 320, which means that users would be able to see detailed descriptions of their search results. This is a livelier feature that helps exhibit information improved.

More related information on Knowledge Panels

This update is related to the content and we have discussed knowledge panels previously, we were worried about the superiority of information that they offer. The reason for having knowledge panels is to offer you with additional information connected to your search query.

This Google’s update not only helps bring in improved search results but also gives a user a good quality of content to gain more and more information.

With this update, users are likely to have more advanced search results, which would actually promote your SEO rankings. With the New year celebrations are a few weeks away, we are expecting Google to roll out more useful updates that will generate enhanced search results soon.

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