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Google will suspend merchant sites that show higher prices at checkout

Starting o April 6th, Google introduce a plan for price accuracy between Merchant Center feeds and checkout.

Google introduced a plan that begin on April 6, it will start apply on longstanding policy of requiring merchants to show the price of any feature of Google Merchant feed on e-commerce page, all the way over the checkout method. If you showcase bigger amount than what is left on your landing page, Google will suspend your account.

The guideline. The guidelines of Google for the checkout essential over here, it’s a part of this:

“It’s very obvious to expect that people will pay the prize to advertise your products. People believe of what they saw and they attract towards such things like if there is a shopping add or any free product, though the prices of a product tag is different with the actually price shown in a customer’s shopping cart thus such thing create a negative impact for the customer and the result in the loss of a sale.

Make it clear with your product’s price, follow these particular requirements. Well the price of your product could be remain same during the whole checkout process, not only between your product feed and landing page. Price would not be upgrade at checkout; however it may be decrease afterwards the product is added to the cart if a position raised.

 The enforcement: begin from 6th April to check and making rule in price sureness among your Merchant Center product data and your landing pages, we will start reviewing and impose price accuracy at checkout.

The penalty: If you break down the laws and guideline as per according to Google then you will deliver a 28-day warning to fix up all these discrepancy, hence your account will be mark to suspension at the end of the warning period.

How Google put rule: If you keep in mind that a few months ago, Google announces about the GoogleBot that count items to your shopping cart. The aim was not to create any chaos in your conversion metrics, but either it has automated systems to guarantee consumers are clutching the correct information of price from our merchants. Well the Google recognized some merchants breaking the rule and has clinched to begin the rule with suspension notices.

Why we care: Now the point is why to care if you start an e-commerce site or have client with you that also runs an e-commerce site, you must make sure the price, whatever display at checkout matches (or lower than) what is show on the landing page.

Google addresses: constant and right pricing is one of the most necessary factors for shoppers to take into analysis, while making a purchase. The shoppers have chances to abandon the purchase if the products price at checkout is higher than the actual price displayed in an ad or free product listing.

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