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How can you Check the SEO Health of Your Website?

Search engine optimization is the most essential part of any website; it doesn’t matter whether it is used for direct selling on any eCommerce platform or just for a blog for directing traffic to other sources. Although without search engine optimization, you cannot achieve more traffic and you must understand that without traffic there will be no revenue on your website. Have you ever monitored the SEO health of your website? Do you understand how to check the SEO health of your website? Don’t feel bothered if you don’t know, since here we will allow you to know about how you can check the SEO health of your website in just five easy steps. So relax and follow these five easy steps to know your website for SEO services. Even though the SEO checks are advantageous as they also:

  • Check Google penalties if you’re on flow to be hit with one.
  • Help you understand if you’re on the right path to reach your goals.
  • Determine new circumstances to enhance your strategy, and meet your SEO goals approximately.

STEP 1: Check Traffic and Its Source

SEO is all about traffic and we aim to gather more traffic with SEO. Hence the first thing that you should have to inspect on your website is traffic. Moreover not just the amount of traffic that you get but you even has to check the source of your site’s traffic well. In case if you get low traffic and very few visitors from search engine result pages (SERPs), it means that you have some sort of issues on your site with SEO.

STEP 2: Check Backlink Profile

Backlinks are a primary part of your website as well as SEO health. So if you go and check out the SEO health, then you must check the website’s backlink profile. How many backlinks do you acquire on your website or how many backlinks are attracting traffic to your website. There are many things about backlinks to check like How to refine Your Backlink Profile? Backlinks are so important in SEO, so your backlink profile is a full complete list of each website that links to your own.

STEP 3: Check Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed is a crucial thing to check while you are working on search engine optimization. To see that your website should be load fast. If you find that it’s not loading speedily then you have an issue that needs to be fixed to execute direct traffic.

STEP 4: Check Errors, Broken Links, and Duplicate Content

While working for SEO, you will see many errors linked to SEO. So, you need to check your website for errors, broken links, and duplicate content. Well, all of these are big enemies of search engine optimization. In that case, if you check SEO health on your site, you must have to analyze these three things.

STEP 5: Run expert Audit

If you notice the above tips not working well for you, then you can take the help of a professional audit for your website. A professional SEO audit will tell explain to you everything related to your website’s SEO health and issues that you are facing. You can even take the help of an SEO reseller service provider.

So, following these five steps will help you check your website for SEO health in a simple way. However, the right path to hiring someone to do an SEO audit on your website. Else if you find it difficult to hire someone who conducts an audit for you then you can take the help of the first four steps. If you are planning to startup a medium-sized business, apply these quick and easy audits that will help you for sure.

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