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How can you manage your business’s ORM in Covid-19 times?

Carrying out a business forward in the times of Covid-19 really needs some extra efforts, monitoring and time along with the marketing tactics. There seems no need to explain how important reputation is for any business. Scandals, criticisms and bad words can defame or push down your business. Managing reputation is even more important is the times of crisis where a single mistake can lead to failure or downfall of your business. The crisis and internet have amplified the importance of online reputation management as rumors or news travel much more faster on social media. Brand’s reputation help pertain the intuition that your customers will have about your brand. There are steps that you can take to manage your business’s reputation.

Here are the steps that you can take to manage the online reputation of your business in the times of crisis –

  • Start with the set-up of your ORM norms – You have to start by planning up some guidelines you will follow for the business. It will help your team remember when to check reviews, when to respond, how frequently they should respond, what should be the tone of your voice in response, how fast they must respond, etc.
  • Update your GMB and other listings –Business listings is a vital element of your business reputation across Google, social media and other platforms. The main requirements of any listing include Name, Site’s URL, Address, Reviews and Category. Update your working hours, contact details, location etc. Listing will help your customers know if they should trust you or not.
  • Be engaged with your customers – You have to be engaged with your customers on a regular basis on all of the platforms your business is available. You have to manage all of your listings available on all platforms like social media, review directories or others.
  • Publish creative and informative content – You should publish informative content on regular basis that will keep them engaged and connected to your business. Content is always a king that needs to be considering first than anything else. It is the most important aspect of any business that can never be neglected. So you have to create an SEO friendly, brief and appropriate content to be published on the platforms like blogs, guest post, etc.
  • Handle and remove negative content – Having any bad or negative content, negative link can have an adverse affect on your business’s reputation. It is important to have all the negative links removal to create positive search engine results. When you have done the negative link removal the risk to be prone to brand damage are reduced.
  • An ORM agency – If not anything else, hire an online reputation management or a link removal agency that will help you first in negative links removal and then to create a positive impact of your brand. They will handle complete reputation management and will take your business to its goals.

It’s important to have a positive brand reputation as it’s the root of any business. It will help you in earning long term profit, and value for your business. Thus it’s of utmost important to gain an effective online reputation management to survive in the times of crisis like Coronavirus. We are here to help you and your team to give better customer experience or with anything you need. Please reach out for any concerns.

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