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How does social media engagement help your brand?


Social media has gained wide popularity and almost every online business is employing it in their business strategy. Social media platforms turn out to be the most effective platform to build a brand with significant user engagement. However, the biggest mystery about social media management is how frequently should you post and what is the right time to do that. You need to understand that if you want to improve engagement, your posts must be highly valued.

Let us say that we all know that Twitter recommends posting over 15 times a day but it is only great if your posts get good activity. Another thing is to understand what works beneficially on every platform.

How frequently should your post come on social media?


  1. Monday afternoon post an attractive visual that promotes the topic from your blogs or an appealing landing page.
  2. Wednesday afternoon post a new article to your blog and ensure to represent the brand on your page and don’t forget to tag them in your post.
  3. Friday afternoon share a post similar to Monday and remember if you share a blog previously, share a different post to promote.
  4. Create these posts in advance and schedule them with the Facebook scheduling option.


If you are looking to improve your business’s social media engagement, your posts need to be visually appealing.

  1. Monday morning share posts with good content. Don’t forget relevant HASHTAGS.
  2. Wednesday 2 a.m., share one of your great posts from other accounts with more followers than yours. You can use hashtags along with the relevant ones they use.
  3. For the other weekdays, share your original and unique posts in the morning.


LinkedIn is one of the professional platforms so always consider your audience. You should never share there a thing except your absolute work related to your profession and business. 

  1. Post the article on Monday morning to LinkedIn.
  2. Don’t forget to share content on Tuesday morning from a trusted source and tag the source. We prefer to use cut, copy to paste the link, and use the “share” option on LinkedIn. This will make your content look much better.
  3. Thursday morning posted original content with a link to your website with a good intro.
  4. Friday morning will be great if you share existing content from a reliable source.


Twitter is really fast. You should always be aware that there is some point in time when Twitter receives high traffic between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Save much of your tweets to share during this time and even schedule a few for morning and late night.

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