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How to Deal with Negative Search Results for a Brand?

negative search results removal

Your reputation is the most valuable asset when you are in the online world. But when your reputation goes negative, you might have to face a huge loss in all aspects. This might take away all customers from you leaving you in a bad position. A negative search result includes any webpage in the search engine offering fake or negative information about a business or an individual personality. You need to bury negative search results. Such results can severely damage the online reputation of the business or individual, bringing losses of revenue and can often be a cause for bankruptcy for a company. Any efforts invested to improve the Internet reputation is known as online reputation management. 

Reputation management can sometimes be quite costly but they’re completely worth it. When you contact some efficient reputation management service provider, you can easily manage the cost of running a reputation repair campaign.

Process to Handle Negative Search Results

  • Acknowledge the problem – The issue of negative reputation is not with the search engine rankings or there are no such technical issues causing it. The first thing to understand is the acknowledgment of the problem. It’s simply an issue that comes with your reputation. Internet marketing and PR teams can be a good resource to help you change the public perception of a company, brand, or individual. You need to acknowledge the root cause of the problem, otherwise, you’re just documenting the cracks.
  • Investigate – If you’re wondering how to get your business in front of your audience that might not have happened you need to perform an investigation. This will help you to understand the problem efficiently, design a strategy, and then work accordingly.
  • Find to see removed content – If the negative content is published on a platform or website that you can manage, including Twitter, Facebook, or others, explore the options available to remove it. But before you do that, realize whether responding to the issue is more effective as compared to its outright removal. Of course, you don’t want any repercussions after removing a complaint, it is, therefore, important to have a solid plan. This will help you bury negative Google search results you don’t like.
  • Suppress negative results – You can actually use the preference that Google has for some authoritative sites to push down negative search results related to your brand. You can build profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social interaction platforms. These are powerful and authoritative in Google’s eyes, and having your profile there can help you to rank for various factors and shift the negative stories down.

Google offers such brands a tool that can be used to remove the listings that they don’t like or seem outdated, irrelevant, or inappropriate. If your problem falls under any of these criteria and you choose to proceed with negative link removal, remember that it won’t completely remove the specific article from the internet, but only from the search results. You will need to input more effort to promote positivity about your brand on the internet.

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