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Importance of keywords to SEO in coming years

importance of keywords

We all know the obsession SEO people have for using keywords in almost every digital marketing campaign whether you talk about SEO, SMO, PPC, or even Google AdWords. Keywords are vital metrics that prove the value of SEO. Rankings on search engines matter; but only when it is helping you drive some value. Google has now become even smarter and it can understand the user intent even better, thus, it is important to help your audience connect with the content. If you think inserting keywords into search queries is important to retrieve important information, the answer will be no because it is not always necessary.

Keywords are important to search phrases that users employ to search for what they are looking for online. Keywords help the search engine understand what the users are trying to fetch from the internet. Users do not know what they are looking for because if they would, they might not search with the search engine. No one can deny the fact that most of the clicks that occur on search engines are on the first page of Google search results.

If you improve your website’s visibility and manage to reach on page one of Google, your business will become able to drive considerable traffic with a high potential of conversion. While even a top rank doesn’t matter if you are showing up for a keyword that has low search volume. Hence a business needs to focus on targeting keywords that have high volume searching with which users will find valuable information.

Learning the fact that search engine shows relevant results even if you don’t use keywords if you are worried about whether you should use keywords in your marketing strategies and content; the answer from an expert is yes. Keywords provide value to a business by driving traffic, conversions, revenues, visibility, and sales. It can be stressful and expensive to track all keywords because there is no limit on keywords for any particular business. It will be great if you maintain a list of keywords that are helping you earn results, bring traffic and conversions improving your front page visibility.

Now the question comes how to find the keywords that work in the right direction? The next section of the article is going to answer your further queries, so don’t miss it out.

Tips to extract right set of keywords

Before starting to find out the keywords, take a minute and introspect your business with the customer perspective to learn what the actual purpose of your website is and what issues it is going to resolve. However, if you can find the answer to such questions, you are in the right direction and you can define your keyword strategy appropriately.

All businesses need to start thinking like actual users. SEO service is all about conveying valuable traffic to businesses that have the potential to convert into customers. If your site receives a lot of traffic and still there is no conversion, what is the use of doing it all? It means nothing if you are spending your efforts and time on SEO, and still getting no constructive outcomes.

keywords in SEO process

How do the keywords become futile?

  1. Do not just stuff keywords into your content because it is not going to take you to higher search rankings.
  2. Start shifting your focus to the content that is actually useful and can deliver some value to the users while fulfilling their requisite.
  3. People are still using keywords into their meta description and title tags, but Google depreciate this point and it is not going to add value to your ranking.
  4. Revamp your anchor text with keyword variations using your brand highlights.
  5. If you have many keywords in anchor text your site can get penalized.

Keywords only provide value to your business when you rank on the first page and you are able to bring business. Keywords are going to be there for a while and the use is going to continue to help fetch a value from the user perception. Therefore, keywords are still going to have enough importance in the coming era.

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