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Law Firm Reputation Management

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Online reputation is one o the most important assets for any law firm that needs important consideration and can never be ignored. However, we know very well that your business reputation is under the consistent risk of cyberattacks, specifically over the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as on websites like Ripoff and Yelp. Our attorney reputation management team can help you handle the negative risks, politely address the negative feedback, and establish a positive representation of the brand online. Your attorney reputation has always pioneered you. Your online reputation of a law firm can widen far further than the word-of-mouth recommendations that used to draw business for your legal law firm.

More and more people are considering the Internet to look for the best lawyer for their work than ever before. But these prospective clients are not just selecting the first appropriate law firm to emerge in their top search results. They perform in-depth comprehensive research on your legal firm, analyze online reviews, check five-star ratings, and taking prompt cues from the online world of strangers whose words are trusted and you may not control.

Why reputation really matters?

First impressions always matters whether they are online or offline. A lawyer or law firm may have acquired thousands of reviews from satisfied customers in real time. Researches have shown that over 88 percent of customers prefer to go through online reviews to be as a trustworthy and modern personal word-of-mouth recommendation. It also proves that majority of people depends upon online reviews to think of whether a local business is best or not.

It makes sense to begin with the accumulation of positive reviews for your law firm where people are exactly searching for law services like yours. If you have just begun to aggressively administer your law firm’s online reputation, you should start by performing a thorough research for your legal firm and your attorneys look for the negative reviews and work to get rid of them so you can appropriately have a good business. 

  1. If you found that review on your business is accurate, respond to it in a generous way that puts you in the spotlight and emphasize on the customer service your firm is offering. If the review received is negative try to respond in a way you can resolve the issues stated by them and if it is positive, express your gratitude for their feedback.
  2. If the review is inappropriate, try to respond to those in a reasonable way. Never let your emotions get in your way and disturbs your efforts. Don’t address in a way that will initiate an argument. Let your way of proficiency outshine with your polite response.
  3. Every review received is important and do not take the risk to ignore any review. Craft a short answer as response so everyone can notice that you perceive client satisfaction quite seriously.
  4. Always keep in mind that it is not possible to please everybody, and reasonable people understand that well.

You need to be a little cautious when you are responding so you don’t give rise to any debate or unlikely reviews. You have to address the concerns and try to solve the issues and remember these will only help you improve the quality of service you offer.

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