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Guaranteed SEO Service Delhi India

Guaranteed SEO Service by seo-india.co.in

Our SEO Services is backed by our SEO Guarantee. There is no catch in it. If we fail to deliver top 10 ranking for certain keyword within the specified period (usually 6 months) for any package we’ll refund you proportionately. For example, if you quote $2500 for 5 keywords and after the agreed time period (usually 6 months) if we fail to obtain top 10 for 1 keyword then we’ll refund you $500 ($2500 divided by 5 keywords, makes $500 for each keyword). You have a choice of taking the refund or allow us some more time to achieve top 10 ranking for the keyword

Guaranteed SEO Service by Seo India Company

Ranking guarantee for monthly SEO packages depends on keyword complexity, competition, and site structure. Opting for 5 Keywords package is monthly SEO plan doesn’t mean you have 5 guaranteed rankings for granted. Our SEO experts will review your site and keywords for which you want to get top 10 if they feel target can be achieved then ranking guarantee confirmation will be sent within 48 hrs. 5 Keywords package is ideal for small sized business targeting only niche specific service and targeting keywords based on location. Our refund policy/ranking guarantee is not applicable if your site has less or no content / duplicate content and/or have or gets the penalty by work which was done previously by some other company.

Our SEO Ranking Guarantee Scope and Implementation

Our ranking guarantee stands tall for almost any kind of websites with small and medium-sized business. Business with high competition should go for target based SEO where we’ll quote based on competition. Sites like web design, SEO, pharmacy, real estate, mortgage, casino, gifts, hosting, e-commerce are few to name are categorized as large business and it’s not recommended to go for standard SEO plans. Ranking guarantee applies for Google search engine only. Since Google has more than 90% search share so we concentrate only on Google as trying to optimize for other search engines can make the process lengthier and expensive. In return, you might get only a few visitors

Highest SEO Standards Guaranteed

We at SeoIndiaCompany maintain highest SEO standards for each and every SEO projects. We strictly follow Google Webmaster Guidelines. We treat every project as a target to achieve the goal. Whether its small or large package, our attention is the same as the project. Our approach to SEO is completely at par with Google’s guidelines. We never use any gray hat techniques which might get the faster result but can be harmful in future. Even if the result gets delayed, but still we use only white hat techniques in all of our SEO projects.

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