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Negative Review Removal Services

Negative Review Removal Services


Most people prefer to check the Google reviews before booking a table at a restaurant, organize a meeting in a conference hall, or buying any goods or services from online businesses. To ensure the security of money they are going to invest, they prefer to go through Google reviews; since it helps in identifying fraudulent activity. Hence some companies even pay for Google reviews to get business or arrange third-party agencies to write some fake reviews about a competitor’s products and their services.

These are fake reviews and statements published by spammers and those people who are not much aware of the company’s products or services. Having fake negative reviews online can adversely affect your business whether they have ever bought from you or not, whether they are your competitors or past employees, but remember if you don’t take these seriously it is going to have an impact for the long run.

One can demand or employ fake reviews for the following reasons -

1. Businesses at the startup level need clients.

2. The business has worked for a notable time but there are only a few clients.

3. There are clients but they never share reviews.

4. The company has negative reviews, so they wish to boost the rating on the other network and platform.

5. You need to diminish the competitor’s reputation by arranging negative reviews about their company.



With SEO India, your online reputation can be rebuilt; we are different from other online reputation management companies. We remove negative online reviews, not just push down negative reviews in Google. It is not possible to displace a page for each given search term. So, permanent removal is the best option, and we are a well-settled company with professional experts in repairing the negative reputations of companies, brands, and individuals. Also, we never bind you in any sort of contract. As soon as the Google result is eliminated, it will be visible to you upon your CRM dashboard. Thus, if you are facing the problem of bad comments or negative reviews on Google and other review directories like Yelp, Yell.com, and Google Suggest about you or your company, business. Contact us to remove such a thing, and we will remove reviews about individual or negative business reviews.

At SEO India Company, we can help vendors, sellers, and online market places too, to remove bad reviews from their customers. This enhances the star rating and increases the chances to get a future client.

Reviews are the initial step in building the loyalty and trust of customers. If a person receives one bad comment, the intensity of brand popularity is very low. But, if several negative reviews are gathered on a digital platform, then it seriously affects business.

SEO India helps you to get a credulous image by removing bad reviews to the least range. Removing fake reviews, or deleting negative reviews are part of ORM services. We help in social media product and service too that is also provided on ORM solution by us.

Do You Remove Negative Reviews Online?


Yes, you can surely remove negative reviews from online platforms like Google, Yelp, Glassdoor, and others, if you want to restore your online reputation right away. The buying decisions of customers are majorly inclined towards the positive and negative experiences of the customer, and when they publish something on Google, Facebook, Twitter, or review platforms like Ripoff Report or Trip Advisor, they tend to affect your online presence, either positively or negatively. Negative reviews on a business can cause huge damage and their effect is made on Google reviews or search results too. SEO India works for Reputation management services that help in removing negative reviews from Google search results and other sites.

Can Negative Google Reviews Influence Your Business?


Google reviews are designed to be trustworthy; as they are posted by former customers. Whereas your promising customers do proper research to better understand what experience your former customers had with you. Well, a few negative Google reviews are enough to put off important customers. As a result of which it influences business owners seriously and searches for the process of removing Google reviews. So, here are some of the effects of negative Google reviews on your business.

Reduce trust


Trust is a key used in every point of business and it takes years of struggle and efforts to earn the trust of people with brand loyalty. Hence it’s a core pillar for any business, moreover, some fake Google reviews posted by competitors, and your ex-employees can harm your credibility earned after a long time. Do not neglect these fake Google reviews and take the help of some reputed company to lower down the risk of unwanted troubles.

Loose Website Traffic


It’s necessary to do brief online research before people start looking for your business name. Google shows you Google My Business listing along with other reviews. So, it’s important because getting so many bad Google reviews can make a customer feel diffident to take the next move. As a result of it, you will start losing your customers on the first impression.

Makes it strong to get new Customers


Before spending money on a product or anything, a customer goes through an online search. Some potential customers can change their decision on encountering negative reviews on the search engine.

● a single negative review is enough to drive away potential customers

● Three bad Google reviews can push away potential customers.

● four negative Google reviews can make your potential customers select someone else.

And that is why most people look for solutions to delete a Google review from Google My Business listing.

Influence Buying Decision

Well, every business or company has a goal to sell products and services to customers, and gain profit. Getting fake negative Google reviews can worsen the impact on the customer and negatively force them to change their buying decision. It means you might redirect your potential customers to your competitors.

Online Reputation Management helps to clear up the negative comments on Google


When people choose to pick a hotel, restaurant, doctor, or anything delivering some kind of service or product you must check their online comments & reviews before ordering for that. But if your product or services has gathered a set of negative reviews, it can harm your business rather than helping it. We can help you clear the negative effect troubling your business reputation. SEO India provides you the best service by highly professional teams. This is how we do it-

1. All the negative comments for your online business will be inspected

2. We analyze the reviews, content and search the cause then fix the strategy to help and support your site.

3. We expand the tools and services to help in monitoring, improving, searching and fixing up your business online reviews and reputation.

4. Our Reputation repair services help your business to make it stand in the market when there are negative comments posted for your website on Google sites, like Google Local Business Center.

5. We use Google’s public URL removal to remove negative comments for your business sites.

5. We use Google’s public URL removal to remove negative comments for your business sites.

Reputation Management that we offer

When you come to us to discuss your problems related to search results impacting your online reputation, there we help you with the best solution and ensure you of immediate removal of any negative or malicious URL from the web and fix them up.

Proficient Content Removal

When your business is online it represents a positive, ethical and trustworthy reputation. When you find harmful content about your business, you should take some appropriate action to remove them. Our experts can help you push down or remove negative content from the internet

Glassdoor Review Removals

Glassdoor reviews play an important role in business growth. Reviews are not just telling about any product or services, it tells about your company, values, morals, and environment. Glassdoor has grown and is now the biggest platforms for employees to drop negative employment experiences online about ex-employer

Trip Advisor Review Removals

When someone is looking to book a hotel or buy tickets for a flight or train, they might look for you on Trip Advisor, and having a negative review can force the customer to move away to another competitor. However, no identification or profile verification is done over Trip Advisor, which makes it possible for even a child to share negative reviews there. We can help you in removing such reviews from your business.

Yelp Review Removal

Yelp is another leading review platform for businesses where having a review about a business means a lot. Whether negative or positive, people will form the opinion Yelp spread through the online reviews mentioned there.

Online Brand Reviews

Unsatisfied clients give bad comments about your business instead of positive ones. And such bad reviews comments are highlighted the most and leave a long-lasting effect on customer mind. Things can get fixed, once you hire our reputation management service. We will work to restore your reputation online.

Product Review Removal

Product Review is a major platform online for consumers to leave product reviews. This site only tears the online pleasures in the form of text that describes your business in a positive as well negative manner. If you serve an E-Commerce site then this platform can do some crucial damage to your online exposure, and so the buying decisions are affected by reviews. It's our promise to you to make your business remains unaffected from these negative online comments and reviews.

Fake Review Removal

Are you suffering from fake reviews? As much as the internet has its benefits, it has the downsides too as people all over the globe can share their views but, it can cause disasters when it comes to fake reviews online. With SEO India experts, you can remove fake reviews from Rip off report, Glassdoor, Google places, or Maps, and Product Review to restore the buyer belief in your business.

Rip Off Report Removals

It is so upsetting when you find some disturbing comments coming on your business online. The Ripoff Report is the best site where a review can make or break your name. Millions of posts from around the globe from happy or unhappy customers are available there. You must consider the removal of ripoff reports for your business this can fix many problems.

How much time does reputation management take to repair?


Removal of negative content : it can take over 3-4 months to get removed, but most of the online content couldn’t remove easily, but when it comes to negative comments and reviews to remove, we check if you have ever worked for the one who published the review. If not, it can take months and rely upon other factors.

Push down negative Search Results: it takes much time to push negative web content from the first page of search results. We suppress negative search results down the first page and beyond the third page of Google using our genuine tactics. Big websites will require more time, and a lesser-known blog will take less time.

Improve online reviews: we never suggest you generating fake reviews but we try to get positive and genuine reviews from your past customers who have been loyal and reliable on you. This might take some time because generating authentic content needs time and can’t be done within few weeks.

Process to Repair Search Results


1. Removal of negative content at the source : Negative online content can be removed from the source or search results. When content is deleted from the website it is present on the source so it needs to be removed from there. Hence the process to get rid of the problem of web content and reveals the violation with terms and service.

2. Negotiation with the publisher : Negotiation with content publishers to remove online content. We build your relationships with the publishers to provide fast removals. You can check with us; we can help with content removal posts by a particular publisher.

3. Increase ratings and reviews : Most consumers trust online reviews as a personal recommendation or word-of-mouth. Our service can help you to remove negative reviews, increases star ratings, and lower negative feedback. We work with popular review platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews, Consumer Reports, Facebook, etc.

4. Direct removal from search engines : Some content can be removed directly from Google or other search engines, such as copyrighted content, content violating search engine rules, and other legally protected content, and it is called de-indexing.

5. Push negative search results down : If the problem couldn’t be removed, it can be pushed down. Moreover, such a method of reputation management is known as suppression.

6. Improve online brand : search result sentiment needs growth sometimes since they have a weak online profile or nothing. To improve an online brand reputation, it is imperative to strengthen the search results. You will need to improve your websites, online profiles, articles, and other media connected to the brand.

Why select us to Remove Bad Reviews?


BEST ORM COMPANY : We are a top leading Online Reputation Management Company in India. We have been recognized by big brand names and reputed customers as an efficient service provider.

CUSTOMIZED PACKAGES : Our ORM packages do not follow any one-size-fits-all belief; we can give you a customized ORM package to remove bad reviews.

KNOWLEDGEABLE PEOPLE : We are a reputed online reputation Management Company with an experienced workforce that has worked under different circumstances. Our ORM executives have worked in diverse industries, along with finance, retail, and IT.

POSITIVE REPUTATION : In terms of removing negative reviews, we work to create a positive reputation for your business to establish a significant brand reputation for your brand.

APPROVED RESULTS : Online reputation management is a major service that affects the majority of businesses and helps them stand strong in the competition. We have enough o experience, and we provide approved results of removed negative reviews.

SMART COMMUNICATION : We will assign you a loyal project manager who will join you by phone/Skype to resolve your problems smartly. The PM will coordinate with you in each step of taking your business to a high level.



Reply to the reviews : As soon as we get to see many negative reviews online, we quickly address them. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative we know the right steps that are needed to take. If we get a negative review, we check the reviews and work on the measures and try to convert it positive by responding to the client in the best way.

Creating Reviews : Our team is always engaged in creating positive reviews from your customers. And we design action plans too so that they give a positive review. Our approach is getting more positive reviews and wins their trust that helps to grow your business.

Removal of Negative reviews : Negative reviews build a worse impact, so we try to reach customer identification issues and resolve them. The hateful reviews leave a bad impact, and our experienced team can help to fix it properly.

Handling reviews : Our online review management focuses on making a strong, and consistent chain of reviews, showing positive reviews on social media, which most important so that the clients suggest to their family and friend circles about your business.



1. Which websites can you remove reviews from?

Ans. We have helped businesses remove Google Reviews, Glassdoor Reviews, Yelp Reviews, and many more sites.

2. What does it cost?

Ans. The cost for the removal of negative reviews varies with the business condition and what kind of reviews are available.

3. How will you remove bad reviews?

Ans. People either prefer to check the first page or the second page of search results; hence they are less interested in checking beyond the 5th, 6th page. We will change the top-ranking negative search results and send them 5th, 7th, or other pages where no one searches.

4. Will you promote my business on social media?

Ans. Yes, we do promote on social media to put away those negative reviews. Or, if you want advanced social media promotion, then you can customize your package.

5. How to delete negative reviews?

Ans. To delete bad reviews from Google, there are many ways to take, starting from asking the author to delete it, addressing it politely, and calmly asking the cause behind their unhappy comments.

6. Why should I believe you?

Ans. SEO India is a reputed company and we have been helping to enhance the online reputation of our clients, for more than 10 years. We know it takes time to ensure you a positive online image. We work to remove your negative reviews and promote a positive reputation for your business.

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