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New update by Google’s local search results Pack 3 New local listings

New update by Google has changed the look-n-feel of a search result in the first page within the local packs.

1 Now only 3 businesses are displayed out of 3,5 or 7.
Before the update, local listings were shown in packs of 3, 5 or 7, by that local businesses had a chance to be into the first search results page, even if they didn’t perform well organically.
First 3-pack listings obviously make the competition even harder and competitive

2 No phone numbers and business addresses mentioned.
Google has removed the phone numbers and exact addresses from the listings, instead only showing the name of the street where the business is located. So, unlike before the update, searchers are no longer given your business contact information upfront and need to look for it on their own.

3 No “Google my business” and fly out business cards and links – all clicks lead to a list of competitors.
Google not only removed contact info from the initial view but also disabled all 1-click ways to access it. All links to Google My Business pages are removed. And local cards (that previously popped up when you scrolled through the 7 pack listing) got hidden. Now, clicking on a listing opens a new search view with a map, a list of 20 competitors, and a version of the old local card.


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