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Pay per performance packages

Pay per performance packages

Your online brand reputation is the lifeline for your business in this modern era. If you have a good reputation, you can reach success with ease and build an overwhelming customer base while if your reputation is defaming, the Internet will not forget it and your potential customers will feel a hesitation to trust you. Managing your brand reputation in the online arena can be challenging. You must monitor and trace all brand mentions, address negative feedback, acknowledge customer concerns, and work upon if something goes wrong. This is an extreme and time-taking process that can cause great harm to the business if you do not handle it the right way. Therefore, it is important to hire experienced and skilled professionals to do the job. We have gained enough experience in the industry to help get good rankings and can easily create a marketing campaign to help you move besides any reputation issue.

Our team has experience with handling businesses of all sizes and in almost all industries.

Without good and planned ORM service, it is not possible to get full advantage of modern digital marketing techniques. Everything is based on your business reputation like SEO, PPC, content marketing, link building, etc. Our pay-per-performance packages will help you get reliable services to reach on top with a favorable customer perception.

Get Access to Best Pay-Per-Performance Packages

Your online reputation is the only asset with highest value of your business as well as personal profile. Our SEO Company in India is a top-rated online reputation management company in India with diverse expertise in online reputation management and online presence of brands, businesses, and individuals. We understand that in this competitive business world, it is quite natural to experience fake complaints, news, reviews, false rumors, and damaging content that can completely smudge your brand reputation. Being a leading provider of online reputation management (ORM) services in India, we can help you get a strong online presence. We understand that it takes years and years of efforts to build a reputation but a minute is enough to ruin it. Your brand is not what you say, or believe it is rather what your audience say it is. SEO India Company can help you repair, improve, and manage your online reputation. We understand that your brand image tend to have a broader impact and could mean the difference between success and failure. We have a team of Public Relation specialists; marketing experts, social media aficionados and content management savants who will analyze your brand image, develop a great presence on the Internet, and protect and repair your online reputation.

Our effective ORM services in India can help you build trust in the online world and serve better Internet visibility. Whether it is a small business, large enterprise, business experts, or celebrities, we have good hands-on experience of working with more than 200 clients from all over the world in and helped them suppress negative comments, search results, and maximizing positive content, thus promoting positive brand image. Our business-oriented pay per performance driven ORM campaigns are designed to fulfill your unique business requirements, whether you are looking to fix your negative brand image, promote your online profile, boost up your brand on search engine result pages (SERPs), or simply desire to maintain a good online reputation. Get in touch with our team today and learn more about our cost-efficient pay per performance packages to grow your business.

Description Basic Nice Super
Ideal for Low Competitive Terms Medium Competitive Terms High Competitive Terms
Fee Per Keyword
One Time Set-up USD 50 USD 75 USD 150
Rank between 1 to 5 positions ( page 1) USD 100 USD 200 USD 400
Rank between 6 to 10 positions ( page 1) USD 50 USD 100 USD 200
Rank between 11 to 15 positions ( page 2) USD 25 USD 50 USD 100
Rank between 16 to 20 positions ( page 2) USD 15 USD 25 USD 50
Monthly Reporting
Pay for Performance Report YES YES YES
Customer Support
Email Support YES YES YES
Chat Support YES YES YES
Phone Support YES YES YES