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Recommended SEO tools for your website

SEO India Company is India’s most excellent SEO Company, situated in Delhi, India. Established in 2011, we are one of the leading SEO and online marketing service Provider Company. We take absolute accountability for all from designing and developing of Website, Maintenance, online reputation management, SEO services, Social Media Optimization Services, Content management to engage your customers in much enhanced and improved manner. Our expert team of SEO is keen about making your business ahead from competitors and also always stays updated with visibility on the search engine results page.

Need of SEO for business

As each day millions of people use a search engine to search some services, products or brands for their day to day purpose. If you want that your stay ahead in search engine results then you must use high SEO techniques and strategies to grab more and more clients. Along with using techniques, it’s good to use some SEO tools that are imperious for your business to emerge in pinnacle search results when any user seeks or searches for products/brands and services that you are also offering by means of your company. The right SEO company refines your business website traffic and also ensures that your business is in the top search results on countless search engines. The SEO plan consists of alteration of keywords and idioms representing to a visibility of results in the search engine.

Here in this write up you will get complete details about the best-recommended SEO tools for 2017. Have a look at below-mentioned tools:

Google Keyword Planner

This is surely one of the best tools that helps in complete keyword Planning strategy. If you are still not aware of this tool then use it now. It is a main part of the Google Adwords promotion platform.

 Google Trends

As you know Google Trends always shows modifications in search volume. Through this, you can search in the more advanced manner with dissimilar topics, search terms, and units. This trends tool can keep your content a step forward of the competition.


Ontolo is an influential tool that searches for excellence projections to assist you to augment your SEO ranking in all marketing platforms.


SpyFu is a demanding SEO tool as it continuously helps you to know your competitors moves. It “spies” on your competitors’ policy and SEO history to give you an idea about the keywords, rankings, and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns used by your competitor.

However, these tools play an important role in ranking but in addition to this using organic SEO technique to make quality results is still a noteworthy step and gives you authentic results for a long time. If you want to use these tools then hiring an expert SEO company is the good option as they know each and every prospect of using these tools for business.

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