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Refund and Cancellation Policy

With the best team of think-tanks who understand the pulse of modern marketing strategies, domain and various other factors that heighten the reputation and reach of business houses and individuals alike, the policies formulated by them too are faultless.
Trustworthy services that are exceptionally fast yet remain first-rate is guaranteed only by SEO India Company. The exceptional services at cost-effective prices are tailored for every company that is assured to meet or exceed their expectations. Analyzing and assessing every demand and requirement of their clients, they formulate the best strategies and policies that guarantee that every client is satisfied to the core. Analyzing the projects in detail, they ensure that no project is cancelled, reversed or leads to unwanted disputes and hassles.

Always wanting to be the best provider of services, they have formulated a few Refund and Service Cancellation Policies, in case the clients want to understand them better

Cancellation Policy

1. They have a prescribed cancellation form available at their Website. Subscribers can annul the requested service within 7-10 days of placing an agreement through this form
2.  With an array of promotional discounts offered during national celebration days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Christmas and New Year, companies benefit immensely through it. Hence cancellation of services proffered on these days with discounts are limited and refunding for the orders placed then is not possible
3.  It is impossible to cancel requests for services like domain name registration and domain name transfer
4.  Even for cancellation requested within 12 hours, the fee once paid will not be refunded
5.  The service proffered will be cancelled if the payment installments are not paid within 7 working days
Excellent services at affordable rates is the motto of SEO India Company. The services rendered are exemplary and companies can be assured of optimum satisfaction. Believing in working in sync with the companies, they rely on long-term relationships to succeed.

Refund Policy

1.  The services proffered here are tailor-made and various strategies and actions are employed. So refund policies too differ from one service to another
2.  The milestones set to achieve the desired results are innumerable and the resources also vary substantially. So refunding the amount after a completed project is not entertained
3.  Administration fee and installation fee are non-refundable
4.  Taxes incurred on services charged by administrative bodies are not refundable at any cost
5.  When the terms and conditions are violated by the clients and service is cancelled, fee will not be refunded
6.  For services to be delivered within 24 hours, refund is not entertained
7.  This company does not entertain third party involvement. Hence refund of the amount due to delay in service when a third party is involved does not affect the company’s policies, so it is not given.
The clients are requested to analyze the cancellation and refund policies before approaching SEO India Company and avail their services. Eager to be of service and prove to the world their uniqueness, powerful strategies employed and their mettle, they deliver the best ministration to every client. The happiness and success of their clients is theirs too!

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is an art and working is art and good business is the best art – Andy Warhol

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