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SEO Resellers Services for SEO India

SEO Resellers Services for SEO India


What do you understand with SEO Reseller services?

There are times when you have a client whom you feel deserve to be pampered more with by serving some extra services. There comes in use, the reseller services. To understand the reseller services, let us take a scenario. Consider you are a web development company, who has a client but now to ensure a long-term relationship with him you want to offer some more services to him. So you offer him SEO services, but you yourself are not an SEO services provider. But you still feel you can serve him the services.

In such case, you don't need to frustrate yourself this much. As you can hire an SEO Reseller Company like “SEO India” who can be your SEO partner. You can outsource the task to SEO India without any hassle. In this manner, you’ll hand over your task to search engine optimization experts who are reliable, trustworthy, and have ample resource, and skills.

Benefits of outsourcing to an SEO company

  • Business expandability - When you add SEO services to your portfolio, not being an SEO service provider, you extend the reach of your customers. As you will outsource the work to us, we both will grow together. By hiring an SEO reseller company, you are cutting down your workload and focus on other tasks.
  • Performance tracking - A vigilant SEO Reseller agency provides you regular updates on the progress being made on the rankings of your site. You can even put the logo of your company on the reports that will be shared with you.
  • Cost-effective services - SEO Reseller services are comparatively low in cost than any other SEO services. The main reason why this service is cheaper is that you don't have to invest in an in-house team. The only cost that will be implemented is the cost of the package you take.
  • Client satisfaction - The SEO reseller will offer you services that you can't get done on your own. This will ensure high quality in both your work and the reseller services. So you’ll be able to deliver the best to your clients.
  • • Save the wastage of time - When you hire another agency for the SEO services, you save a lot of yours and clients’ time. You will do your work efficiently and your reseller will do the SEO task amazingly. This will help you utilize the time and give the best in minimum duration.

How is SEO India best for SEO Reseller services?

SEO India is truly the best suitable company when it comes to SEO reseller services. You can find innumerable reasons to go on with us. Once you start working with our team, you will feel we are actually the best. Let’s throw some light on the reasons -


i. Cost is quite a considerable factor when you are hiring ay agency for the services. We are offering customized plans for your necessities that will serve you affordable campaigns. If you don't believe, contact us and discuss it today.

ii. When you are considering us, make sure that you check the activities we will do according to our packages. This will help you to differentiate others and us. We will do activities like site audit, keyword analysis, on-page optimization, and many more.

iii. We provide you guaranteed results in the form of uplifted rankings, improved business, enhanced leads, and revenue.

iv. We don't bound you by any contract that forces you to continue with us, even if you aren't willing to.

What do we do as a part of our SEO Reseller packages?


1. Website audit - we understand that every site is unique in its own way. So a similar strategy cannot be implemented. That’s why before anything else we like to perform a deep analysis of your site to find out flaws and areas of improvement that our web development team handles effortlessly.

2. Perform penalty check - you may never happen to know if your website has undergone the Google penalty since they occur implicitly. So, we analyze the whole site to find the penalties, and if found then act accordingly.

3. Keyword research & analysis - this helps our team to find out keywords you are lacking for and identify those, which are helping the business rank higher. It needs to be done carefully as it acts as the main participant in SEO strategy.

4. Identify duplicity in content - duplicate content is like a virus in the system. It can harm the rankings of a site and Google really doesn't love it. So we identify if any duplicate content is available and remove it to make your site clean.

5. Track the progress - our team is pro-active in its working manner, so they ensure you are kept in the loop about the updates that continue to take place in the campaign.

6. Blog updates - all of our plans comprise of few SEO friendly blog posts monthly on your niche. Our creative blogs are designed to improve the rankings of your site while keeping the clients engaged.

7. On-page Optimization - every package of our SEO involves On-page optimization before anything else. The process to be followed in this is based on the flaws identified during the audit.

Our professional SEO services

Along with providing the best SEO services, we provide customized SEO reseller services catered to suit your business needs, as we know every business is distinct. We have this personalized services section, as we want you not to fail in any sphere. We also offer extensive reputation management services. We’ll help you to listen what your clients are saying about you and you can serve them more better.


1: Link building - Links are efficient to rank any website. We help you create quality backlinks from relevant, genuine, and high-quality websites with high domain and page authority. You can outsource link-building services alone if you want.

2: Web development - Our web development team excels in providing world-class services to make an effective online presence on the internet. It will bring more audience and leads to you.

3: Local SEO - Being seen, efficiently in your locality is important when you are a brick-and-mortar business looking to get visitors to your location. In such cases, local SEO services prove to be the best as it helps you target the local audience.

4: YouTube SEO - YouTube is not just a platform for watching videos but it is actually the world’s second-largest used search engine. People are spending a lot to make their product on YouTube and drive huge traffic to their business.

5: ORM services - Online reputation affect your ranking majorly on Google. So it is required to have a good reputation online else, you are going to lose a big chunk of customers

SEO India Company offers the best SEO Reseller packages, at cost-effective rates, and provides powerful services that have to be seen to be believed. Delivering top-notch services, having the best team of think tanks here who understand and closely follow the latest market trends, clients can be assured of their outstanding services. They can be contacted at (011) 22610577 or support@seo-india.co.in to know more. Fast emerging as the first-rate company, their services and packages are indeed numerous.

Frequently Asked Questions


i. How much time does SEO take to start showing results?

Ans. SEO is not like preparing a pudding. It takes time. And if you want long-term genuine results, you have to be patient and see what is going on. You can expect the improvements after the completion of two months.

ii. Can I talk to the team lead who will work on the project?

Ans. You are asking! We recommend you to talk to the project manager so that you can clear all your doubts before working with us. A single doubt can disrupt the relationship and we do not want to afford that.

iii. Will my customer know about SEO India anyway?

Ans. Until and unless you want it, we never reveal ourselves to your client. There is no chance your customer will ever know about us working on the project.

iv. What is the mode of payment?

Ans. We never ask you to pay the full amount at once and you are only asked to pay before the start of every month. We believe in our services and experts that’s why we go with the monthly payment mode.

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