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Tips to get competitive benefit in your business


Embracing mobile-first best suitable tactics, with some other digital marketing strategies, assure you of receiving the best solutions. SEO plays an imperative part to offer consistent success of your online marketing strategy. It doesn’t cost you any extra penny to execute and can be the secret ingredient to help you keep up with the trend with Google’s hottest updates for the upcoming future. Mobile-friendly SEO is all about providing your clients with an outstanding business experience to the online users employing your website via tablets, desktops, mobiles, and smartphones.

Delivering mobile SEO will help your revenue-oriented website to load quickly within 3-4 seconds only and match the prospects of your online visitors. This will bring you a positive experience overall devices enabling you to rank higher and decrease the bounce rate too.

What do you mean by mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing has a major role in mobile responsiveness, which means the mobile edition of your dedicated business website is used for indexing and ranking. A website that is mobile-friendly will help you rank better than the one without it.

How to check if your site is mobile-friendly?

  • Your website can efficiently load all assets regardless of the device you are using
  • There is no content that remains hidden on the site when you access it from desktops or smartphones
  • The site should load quickly according to the users’ expectations
  • The site comes with sleek UX which must be optimised for all devices

Strategies to help you make your site mobile-friendly

  1. Google should crawl every element available in your website to realise whether it is mobile-friendly or not. Check out the robots.txt file and find instructions that can explain the search engine not to crawl or index certain aspects of your website. 
  2. You must optimize meta descriptions which is an imperative aspect of mobile-friendly SEO. Mobile users look for effective and significant information on the go. They often try to find the title tag and meta descriptions to grab a glimpse of whether your website should get clicks or not.
  3. Local SEO is an important for mobile searches as they are local. People often use search phrases like “near me”, and “best place to buy” to look for local businesses around them. You must follow a revenue-driven SEO strategy to help you reach these people. There are chances that local searches look different from what the desktop searches are. You must understand what you need to target and how can you target, for your local SEO service.
  4. Website speed is a crucial factor when you talk about website speed. PageSpeed tells you how fast your website can load over mobile devices and desktop.
  5. Accelerated Mobile Pages are an open-source project governed by Google search engine. These pages are acoustic versions of your webpage that are designed to load 4 times faster than others.

Some common mobile SEO mistakes can ruin whole of your efforts. This includes not awareness of how many users access your site over mobile devices, lack of optimized content and meta descriptions and title tags, and many more. Other factors impacting your SEO include missing links, offering a mobile-friendly experience, etc. More and more users today are shifting toward accessing sites and hopping online from their mobile devices. It is a time when you should give more preference to this feature if you don’t want to feel left out in the industry. If you don’t know how to do it, contact any expert SEO Company in India that can help you achieve the needful.

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