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What to do when your personal information is on Google?

personal information removal

Google has introduced a new feature that allows its users to submit requests for the removal of personal information from the internet. This standard feature allows online users to remove some of their personal information from Google while giving your users a great chance to clean their online image so their information is not unconsciously showing on the top of search results. Users can request the removal of their information from the web by sending an email to Google and a few other tactics for demanding the removal.

Irrespective of how well we can keep our personal information secured online, there will often be some corrupt minds searching around and pointing out what they encounter. Quite often, Google shows details including your highly personal or even private information. This might have insightful information, comprising financial information, passwords, contact numbers, email addresses, home addresses, etc. Google’s removal technique makes it easy for you to remove your sensitive personally identifiable information from search results pages.

How to remove personal information from the internet?

Websites that allow people to perform searches are a type of data brokerage business, meaning they collect and sell data. While other data brokers focus on collecting information and preparing marketing reports, personal verification, or fraud detection, people search websites make reports that are directly available to online users. These sites gather information from public records, social media sites, and even other data brokers. Based on the website, you can view this information either for free; or buy a report on someone to get unlimited access with a paid subscription.

Google yourself – This is what anyone would do to learn about your identity or business. Your social media profiles, your publications, news, or blogs about you. You must take notes as you can to remove your personal information from Google to see what the search results have to present for you.

Data brokers- These companies gather, arrange, and sell valuable data. They navigate the internet to look for public and private information sources, collect, set the data, and offer it to purchase by the highest bidder.

Find the Opt-Out Pages – Many people try to look for the websites with a dedicated page with information telling how you can opt-out of the database or have a website that can help you suppress the information. You can find the required info by searching for the website and “opt-out” for it.

Submit the Opt-Out Request – Once you identify the opt-out page, follow the guidelines, and submit your request. You may need to share a specific page’s URL or identification number to request the opt-out, find your information on the site is an important first step. It is important to know what information you need to share so you don’t share personal information in the future more than what is important.

Monitoring – once you have done the needful, you need to monitor your profiles and see that you don’t share anything sensitive in the future.

If you feel it is quite challenging to do this all by yourself, you can contact any recognized reputation management company to help you with the job and handle your reputation more attentively.

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