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Why and How to remove negative reviews from Google?

How-to-remove negative google-reviews-

When you own an online business, it is very much important to have client testimonials and feedback over online platforms so that when any prospective customer comes looking for your business can establish your credibility. The reviews online can be both positive and negative. Your attitude of taking those feedbacks can matter a lot for your business. Whatever is the tone of a review on Google, addressing it is important. Regardless of your business size and type, your business reviews on Google can be a great help in attracting and converting customers.

Even if you have negative reviews, you must consider it as a great opportunity to show users that you have a real business profile but having too many of those can be a risk for your business growth. It can hamper your ranking on the search results page. If you have multiple negative reviews and are worried about how you can remove negative reviews from Google search results, you need to know a lot of things.

How to respond to a negative review?

  1. Don’t panic if you see so many negative feedback since it can make you do something stupid that you may have to regret later. Don’t react to the reviews immediately. First of all read it properly and understand the concern behind it and then take a break for a while.
  2. Once you are calm, identify if the review seems real or fake. If you don’t recognize the reviewer, it can be a fake one.
  3. Now respond to the review even if it is fake. You can report the review and mark it flag marking one of the suitable options explaining the cause. When a review is real, respond courteously, explaining the situation and you can even offer a solution.
  4. When the Google doesn’t allow you to flag, you can write a genuine and convincing reply to the review.

There are instances when your customers do not feel satisfied with any service or products, they tend to write negative reviews on the business profiles and it is quite common these days. Replying to the negative review reflects that you care for your customers’ concerns. There are times when a genuine and thoughtful response helps the business in getting the review removed from the customer’s end.

  • You can start with writing apology for the inconvenience caused.
  • Express that you understand the issue and its cause.
  • Propose a solution for the concern and offer some incentive like some discount on next purchase.
  • Request them to come again and use your service.
how to respond to a review

How to remove negative Google reviews?

It is imperative to get an understanding of what actually Google reviews are and why they are important. Google reviews are supposed to be coming from honest customers; however, this is not what actually happens. Heinous competitors, past employees, and some spammers even come and write fake and negative reviews on business profiles even if they have never used the services.

  • If you think the review written is real, you can either ask the customer to remove negative review from Google or make amendments to it after offering them a reliable solution that convince them.
  • In any case, if the reviewer do not agrees to do that, you can ask your past customers to write positive reviews and you can even offer them some reward for that. If you get some new positive reviews, there will be auto suppression of negative review from all.
  • When a review is bogus, you can flag it by stating the reason of doing so. Spamming it will help you get it removed from the results, saving you from irrelevant stress.
  • There may be times when you have to take some strict action by to get rid of negative review, in such case you can hire any online reputation management company to do this for you.

The skilled ORM Company will have appropriate knowledge and skills that are needed to either remove or push down the negative reviews. They know of multiple strategies that are effective enough to remove them from the internet. The activities any ORM service provider use will also help you to get your business ranked on top of search result pages. If you want your business to have a positive reputation and shine on top of SERP, you must get in touch with a company as soon as possible.

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